Liebster Award and Mum’s Memorial

So it’s been a crazy weekend… yesterday I was driving across the country for my mum’s funeral (and I’ve done that drive like 1000 times but managed to get lost on the way!!)  and it was a very sad day but lovely to see some members of the family who I haven’t been able to see in over ten years because of the rift between the family that’s now finally healing.  We sprinkled my mum’s ashes over my grandma’s grave so that Nana can look after my mum.

I didn’t really feel like blogging the night before or the day of – sorry guys, but I’m sure you’ll understand if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to lose a parent.  It makes you a bit unfocussed. 😦

Then I’m starting a new job tomorrow teaching science again (which I swore up and down I’d never do again but this school’s lovely and it’s only until Easter so it’s worth a try).

And finally, today, I’ve come online to discover I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award by two separate people!!  Thanks Suncream and Sparkles and CharlotteBehappy

liebster award

Basically the Liebster Award is where you get nominated if you have less than 200 followers and you answer 11 questions about you (like all those “The Boyfriend Tag” “The Mom Tag” tags on Youtube). CharlotteBehappy thought it was a nice idea to follow the 11 people she’s tagged and I totally agree, so if I’ve tagged you you’re getting a follow.

Because there were two sets of questions, I’m going to try and answer them all:

1. What do you like about blogging?
This probably sounds really dull but I love the research, especially for big articles, like my series on Vegan Fad Diets, or 20 Mountains I want to climb before I’m 30.  I love finding out new things about things I thought I knew about.  I’m such a geek.

2. Three favourite bloggers.
Ooh that’s such a toughie.  Only three?  I’m going to go with Cassey Ho from Blogilates – I’ve mentioned her before but she’s just amazing.  Nobody else can make exercise so much fun and make you feel like you’re getting somewhere with every single workout.  Also her food focus is inspirational, I love clean eaters.  My second one would easily be The Minimalists because, although I only found them recently, they just inspire my life completely and have really helped me through the loss of my mum – one of the founders lost his mum before he started his journey into minimalism too and, having been faced with clearing out someone else’s empty house twice in my life now, I can really see why it pushes you towards minimalism.  You can’t take any of it with you.  My third would have to be Zoella, because I don’t know what it is but there’s something really special about her.

3. Do you have any pets?
Yep!  I have five rabbits – we had six until about two weeks ago when Neville sadly moved on. 😦  I think six is the perfect number for small things.

4. Heels or flats?
Ooh it so depends!  I love heels if I don’t have to walk far but flats if I do. I won’t harm my feet by walking in the wrong shoes because Audrey Hepburn never did either.  Traditional block heel jelly shoes are my favourite favourite because they’re the best of both worlds and I am sooooo happy they made such a big comeback recently I have two pairs in my wardrobe and they get regular use!  I only like comfy flats though – there’s no point having a low height shoe if it’s still not comfy – you may’s well get your heels on!!

5. One beauty product you couldn’t live without.
I’m going to be really cheesy and say water.  I can always tell if I’m dehydrated because the dark circles under my eyes get worse.  Water is so good for your beauty in so many ways. I did say this in a Clarins interview and mysteriously didn’t get the job which is very sad but I think I should have plugged double serum.  Oh well. I’m clearly too honest for my own good sometimes.

6. Who was your teen celebrity crush? (The one plastered over your bedroom walls!)
Orlando Bloom.  As Legolas and Will Turner. I wasn’t allowed to put posters up, but I spent a LOT of time after school with my friend lingering around a particular billboard when the last two Lord Of The Rings and first Pirates of the Caribbean films came out.

7. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Trashy books and websites.

8. If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?!
DISNEYLAND!!!!  I’d walk onto a plane, get off at the other end, and sneak into the back of someone’s hire car who was going to Disneyland, then I’d just spend the day in Disney Heaven.  Happy times.

9.  Tell me a weird fact about yourself.
What, all the other answers weren’t weird enough?  Hmm… let’s see… I am married.  That’s pretty weird in this day and age (at least, my family thought so when we announced our engagement).

10. Top blogging tip?
Learn some HTML if you are using wordpress.  It really helps. Get this book if you need a starting point: “Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress” This book really took the headache out of trying to learn all this stuff and made it all easily understandable because they explain it in comic style as well as regular prose.

11. What song always gets you dancing?!
Every song always gets me dancing.  Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is very dependable.  Even classical stuff.  That bit in Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto Number 2 where it sounds like Celine Dion?  Let’s just say I turn it off if I’m driving so I can keep my no claims bonus.

1. Do you do youtube/would you ever do youtube?
Yes I do!  Invoke Delight is mah Youtube channel, it gets a couple more views than my blog.  I do totally random stuff on there though because I think the medium is so different to the written word that the content ought to be different too.  Otherwise why justify having a channel??  Sometimes I have a crossover update but not often.

2. Favourite album from your childhood?
Destiny’s Child.  They’re just timeless.

3. A TV series that you can rewatch a million times?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

4. In ten years time I’d like to have achieved…
I dunno.  I’m currently struggling with this as I’m trying to write a new list for the next decade but I just don’t know what to put on it! A PhD? A sense of direction in life? Climbed Everest? Hmm…

5. What’s your favourite takeaway?
The one on my plate!  Seriously, I love Indian, I love Chinese, I love Thai, I love Caribbean, I love Lebanese, I love Spanish Tapas, I love Nepalese… it’s just all good!

6. Favourite musical?
Does Shrek count?  Cos I know the words to all the songs on it 😛

7. How much is your makeup collection worth? (See my post here)
About £250.

8. Best drugstore skincare product?
Sun lotion.  Seriously, one of my aunts is pushing 60 and she looks like she’s under 40.  I wanna look that good when I get to 60!!  Her secret?  Suncream.

9. Favourite TV couple?
Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.  They’re the best!

10. What do you think makes your blog unique?
Lots of things in combination: So, variety of topics covered; my knowledge of science which helps me dispel those myths that float around about cosmetics; my love of cars and driving; my vast experience with different living configurations for rabbits (because lots of people just do the same thing with different rabbits over and over).

11. What would be on your ideal compilation CD?
This is a bit impossible for me due to having lived on this planet for nearly 30 years and having a lot of musical interests.  I have a list of bands who I have to see before they kick the bucket, and that list has 57 bands on, all of which I would be very disappointed if I never get to see them, but which doesn’t include bands with one song I really like (such as Taylor Swift) or bands whose music is more enjoyable at home (such as Enya, whose music is impossible to produce live).  So I did try and write this list but I failed miserably and I thought if you want to finish reading this post today it would be best for me to condense as follows:
The entire back catalogue of any of these bands/artists (amongst many others) would be ok: Pink Floyd, Enya, NOFX, Queen, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Billy Idol, Donovan (NOT JASON DONOVAN), Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt, Beyonce, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Dr Israel, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, DJ Marky, Kitaro, Clannad, Megadeth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue, Muse, Vlastur, Rolling Stones, Slayer, Rammstein, Steeleye Span, David Bowie, System Of A Down, Therapy?, They Might Be Giants, The Who, John Coltrane, Lady Gaga, Kiss, Green Day, Hawkwind.  I’ve probably missed someone I love.

Bonus points if you’ve heard of more than 15 of them 😛

So I need to nom-nom-nominate 11 peeps with fewer than 200 followers (I went with Twitter followers for all but one as I didn’t want to leave out awesome people who were slightly over 200 in one place but over somewhere else) for the Liebster Award.  I choose:
Espressos and Mascara
Diva on A Budget
Makeup Sweetheart
Makeup By Meggy
The Hopeful Wayfarer
The Wind Of Inspiration
Beauty Billboard
Cups of Tea And Love
Style 25 to 55
Jessica Louise Indge Designs

And here are your questions:
1. How many carrots have you eaten this week?
2. If you could turn something (anything) into a different colour, which item would it be and what colour?
3. Who are the top 5 bands you want to see before *they* kick the bucket?
4. What is your favourite film from each of these decades:
a) 1950s b) 1960s c) 1970s d) 1980s and e) 1990s
5. If you do your own photos: What is your top photography tip for new bloggers? If you don’t do your photos, what was the decision making process behind that?
6. How do you decide what shoes to wear on any given day?
7. What are your three favourite eyeshadows right now?
8. If you could share your life with any animal, what would you choose?
9. If someone left a (fresh, sealed) cake on your doorstep, would you eat it or try to reunite it with the owner?
10. If you went into space and could go anywhere, where would you go?
11. What’s the most amazing experience of your entire life so far?

Random Random Random…

I’m looking forward to seeing your answers guys!
Much love,
JasmineHoney xx


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