Soft Soft Sunday: Something completely different.

Soft Soft Sunday is usually rabbits, but today it’s a bit different:

So the latest science teacher gig is really not working out.  I’ve been off for 3 weeks (2 of which were Easter) and I am just getting more stressed and anxious about going back in.  I feel like I’m letting everyone I work with down, and I’m letting the kids down too, but I just can’t go in again.  After being in an impossible situation with this and hitting a crisis earlier this afternoon where I nearly left the country to start a new life elsewhere (my bag is still packed, car still camperified with all its equipment), I have emailed my employer and quit.  Yes, it’s unreliable, yes, it’s bad form, but “notice periods” don’t work out so good when my reason for leaving is complex mental health problems and abject lack of support from the people who are getting my tax moneys to help people like me.  I thought mental health services were trying to get in touch from a withheld number, based on past experience with social services, who form part of that multi-agency group, but hey, it turns out the person calling with no number this time was a PPI scammer.  So mental health services aren’t even trying to help right now.  I had a choice between quitting my job this afternoon or calling them from Sweden or somewhere tomorrow morning, which would have been so much worse.

I’m strongly opposed to getting permanently signed off sick and claiming disability, even though I know I could push for it like so many other people in similar situations legitimately do.  I don’t view them as “scroungers” or any rubbish like that, it’s just that I am opposed to it for myself because I don’t want to get written off of life so soon.  I am only like this some of the time and very much want to work at what I can do whenever I can do it.  So I’m going to train as a journalist because then when I can’t be in a place of work I can do freelance, right?  I don’t want a lifelong sicknote at this point in time, before I’m even 30; nobody wants that for themselves.

So I was looking around for what to do next when I found an advert for dog walkers in my area.  In about 15 minutes I was signed up to walk and pet sit people’s dogs.  I am looking forward to getting out and about, and spending time with my second favourite animals on the planet – dogs!  I am not sure that I could ever feel anxious with a dog around.  Dogs are the best (after rabbits)!

Here is a picture of some dogs:

cute dog

A six week old beagle who was wandering around on wikipedia looking lost.
A six week old beagle who was wandering around on wikipedia looking lost.

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