Cats are not babysitters

That’s right, it’s Anything Can Happen Thursday again!

So I was writing this travel article on Tuesday afternoon when I was reminded that my mum used to go out to the pub or other savoury places and leave the cat in charge of looking after me when I was a baby.  The cat would come and sleep in my cot with me, and just cuddle up to me.  It was lovely at the time.

I’ve since found out it’s an incredibly bad idea to do this.  I’ve heard anecdotes that cats are well-known to kill babies by sleeping over their faces and suffocating them.  Nobody really knows whether it’s intentional.  I’m just glad my mum picked the right cat to leave in charge of me, but you have to wonder, who in their right mind leaves an infant at home alone with only a Maine Coon to take care of it?  Bluntly, she wasn’t in her right mind.  My mum took a lot of illegal drugs (she sold them too) and this affected her perception.  Add to that a big dollop of borderline personality disorder and possible other things (there are SO many categories of paranoia, delusions and hallucinations that I don’t know what she had), and you’ve got someone whose kids ended up in care.

In case you ever get to the state where you can’t tell the difference between a cat and a babysitter, here’s some reference points:

1. Babysitters don’t generally accept payment in cat food.

2. Babysitters don’t fit in the crib with the baby.

3. Cats don’t answer back or spend several hours on the phone to their boyfriend ignoring the baby.

4. Cats usually don’t invite their friends round to sample the beer in your fridge.

5. Babysitters are often younger than cats, but not always.

6. Babysitters don’t use a litter box.

7. Babysitters don’t try and climb your curtains or scratch at your floor.

8. Cats wash themselves meticulously.

9. Cats don’t steal things from your house.

10. Babysitters can generally be depended on to turn up on time.

11. Babysitters will knock on the door or use the doorbell.

12. Cats will wander off out through the cat flap if they decide they’re bored.

And here’s the similarities:

1. Cats and babysitters get distracted by shiny things.

2. Neither of them necessarily have a first aid certificate.

3. They tend to have sharp nails.

See how they have more differences than similarities?  Now you too can distinguish between them with this handy list!


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