Swamped with… one reader?

It’s anything can happen Thursday, and my goodness it’s been a bit of a week!  Channel 5 news decided not to interview me but haven’t explained why (they approached me) I think for legal reasons or something, anyway it was a good thing because now I have journalists emailing and contacting me in other ways asking for my story on Alton Towers and I’m turning them all away except one because I know they won’t twist it around. In the wake of one of my posts on How To Get Up From An All Time Low getting so many views in one day (1600 views per hour, apparently), I have to wonder how this happened when I checked the stats so far at 7am this morning:

One viewer? Really? In all these countries??
One viewer? Really? In all these countries??

3349 views in a bunch of countries, and only one viewer?  What’s going on?  When you look at the countries of viewers, it’s even more bizzarre because apparently I’ve had one reader and he or she has been zipping around the world and refreshing the page a gajillion times…

But it’s okay, it turned out to be a technical glitch with the system. I checked a couple of hours later and the two numbers nearly matched again, which is what I was expecting.

But it does now lead me to wonder… how accurate are my stats pages?  Especially in light of the fact that I get no stats on some days on How To Get Up From An All Time Low (which NEVER happens on Invoke Delight), and yet I’ll have 5 or 6 likes in the same time period.  People are clearly reading my articles, but it’s not registering.  So perhaps all my Bloglovin’ stats and WordPress Reader stats (and Feedly, anyone else using that yet?  It’s fab) aren’t counting towards the total.


Does anyone have any insight on this?


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5 thoughts on “Swamped with… one reader?”

  1. I wondered, after your last post, if you were the amonymous “former member of staff” mentioned in (I think) the Guardian’s piece today. The WP stats are often wrong, although not usually so dramatically. I’ve often got 5 likes, 1 view and 3 visits or something which I always think is a neat trick

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    1. Having just read their article after I saw your comment, I can say with absolute certainty that was not me. I don’t have knowledge of the specific operations of that particular ride to be able to say the things those people quoted in the two Guardian articles were saying. I’m glad people are speaking out though.


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