Friday Bunnies? Why Not?

I decided to do an article on bunnies today because I know it’s not Sunday but I’m just in a soft fluffy mood after the stress of this week.  The amount of attention I’ve had is intimidating and scary and there’s been a small but significant number of really angry raving people,  most of whom apparently cannot understand words strung together in sentences, and I got to a point where I closed comments on my other blog on any posts after 24 hours, because this is not what I set out to do and I have no interest in listening to what The Minimalists referred to as the seagulls when they closed all comments on their blog.

When I can’t trust the people in a room to conduct themselves appropriately, I tend to leave the room.  I don’t say anything, I just get up and walk out, preferably without drawing attention to myself.  Likewise, when people are doing the same thing from unregistered names and behind a keyboard (which is far more cowardly), I decided it was time to metaphorically leave the room, so I closed comments so I can stop receiving notifications about it.  Once the attention has died down over there I’ll reinstate it because I like being able to have conversations with people about things, and until a few days ago, I used to look forward to getting comments because people always had a unique perspective to add to the topic at hand.

It’s to do with the sound on one hand clapping – if someone is kicking off at you for no good reason, it takes two people to make an argument, and two hands to clap.  If you get up and walk away, you are effectively leaving the person to try and clap with one hand, because you are the second hand, and they can’t make contact with you.  More in this article about borderline personality disorder in children (I’m ignoring the gender bias because the advice is sound).  It’s a transferable skill I guess.

So anyway, here are some lovely bunnies for your viewing:

Cleo flops next to her litter tray.
Cleo contemplates whether she could possibly have made more of a mess before flopsying on top of it all.
Banacek, however, prefers a tidy spot in front of the hay box
Banacek, however, prefers a tidier spot in front of the hay box.
And Katie goes for a walk to show off her new lead.
And Katie goes for a walk to show off her lead (and eat some grass, she loves to graze).

If you like animals, check out my article on Emotional Support Animals for Mental Health Disorders over on How To Get Up From An All Time Low.

I will see you on Sunday for more bunnies if not sooner.  I’ve got to go and get a death certificate amended next, and get rid of some chairs, and find a cheaper quote for my car insurance before they take the money for it.


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