New Posting Schedule

So it’s time for a shake up again.

I want to write more about the stuff that I’m doing more of at the moment.

I’ve run out of things to say about how to look after rabbits.  I could reiterate how adorable they are (because they are) but I don’t want to devolve the rabbit posting slot to me putting up a single photo of a bunny each week.  Mostly, because I’m not the best photographer and they’re not remotely patient subjects, so they tend to hop off or go and do something else before I get the camera to take a picture. And this was never a photography blog.

I’ve pretty much run out of vegan recipes.  I feel like I’m at a point where I need to try out a bunch of new recipes before I can write any more.  And I’m just not in an experimental cooking place at the moment, I’m generally trying to make things that I know will feed us both rather than try anything new.  I know my recipe slot has been very popular, but I feel like I don’t want to post some half-assed crap recipe that’s awful.

Writing about my wedding is just dragging on now, and I feel like I’ll come back to it maybe in a few months.  Its my first wedding anniversary tomorrow.

I want to write more about minimalism, so think that needs a regular posting slot.

I want to write more about music and all the concerts I’ve been to as part of my bands bucket list, so think that also needs a regular posting slot, there’s so many of them now!

I want to write more about (and do more on) my mountains list.  I haven’t written up Ben Lomond yet from April!

I generally want to be going out and having more misadventures, and feel like my current posting schedule is stifling that somewhat.  I guess you can blame the bipolar for the fact that I sometimes need to take up residence in the great outdoors. Or something.

I would also like to reduce down and spread out the number of posts per week, because I feel that some days I have nothing to say and other days I have too much to say.  I’m thinking three scheduled posts per week:

1. Minimalism on Mondays:  Anything minimalism related.

2. Travel on Wednesdays:  If I had to get in the car, go on a train or plane to get there, it’s going here.

3. Music on Fridays:  If I stood in front of some people holding things and making noise, it belongs on a Friday.

Other days of the week might get posted on, or they might not, but those are going to be my regular posting slots and what I will aim to write each week, leaving enough free days for more personal, blog-style posts when I want them.

Over on How To Get Up From An All Time Low I am going to post one article every Tuesday now that it’s got enough posts for new readers to get their teeth into.

Writing twelve to fourteen articles of 2000 words each per week is getting in the way of me going out and doing things that I could be writing more articles about.

I am going to archive the categories Vegan, Weddings and Rabbits for the time being, under an “Archive Categories” page in the top menu. If you mouseover it, the other categories should appear as a dropdown menu (like the “about” page does if you hover your cursor over “home” although if you click on “home” it takes you to my latest article).

Did I miss anything?


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