Digression about Planes

This is a digression about airplanes from today’s main article about ghostly photos I found while uploading pics for my article about The Who Turns 50 Tour in Dublin yesterday. Please read that linked main article first it’s way more interesting.

This was a last minute kind of trip and I only actually decided to go on 17th June, when I booked £9.99 flights with Ryanair (like, that’s what you pay, no hidden extras or anything – last time I flew was 2007 and I was AMAZED that £9.99 didn’t mean *plus £30 of taxes etc* I literally paid £9.99 each way to go to Dublin from Leeds Airport which is 40 mins from my house; apparently if you book in advance they’re £7.99) and bought a E79 ticket (which is about £56 as the Euro has plummeted over the past week due to the threat of a Greek Exit – or Grexit – from the Eurozone and Euro so it was a good week to go to Ireland all told).  For comparison, tickets to see The Who in London were £79 plus £85 in train fare and a tube pass, and same amount of food and I still would have had to overnight at a train station (which is far worse than overnighting in an airport) so this trip was cheaper than seeing them in my own country.  Plus I really hate London, as I’ve mentioned before; it feels like being the only live goat at a cattle market full of zombie livestock.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you cry, “but you always overland because you hate flying!  Do you hate London more than you hate flying??”

Remember when Facebook first started and it wanted to be a student dating site, and it had “Looking For:” And the options included “whatever I can get.”  I decided to take whatever I could get for this trip, and figured, I hate flying, but the flight is 30 minutes.  I hate London, but going to London will take about 24 hours, and while I’m trying to enjoy The Who, I’ll also be hating London in the background, so I figured I can be stressed for less time if I fly.  Did I mention I last flew in 2007?  Well I first flew in 2005.  My range of experience flying is lots of flights to and from East Midlands and Edinburgh (and one, my first ever flight in my life, from Luton to EDI), with Easyjet and BMIbaby.com, and one trip to Rome which was with Ryanair and it was hell and just after the new terror restrictions (damn them restricting terror next they’ll outlaw horror and ban strawberry sauce for its potential to be used as fake blood), and I swore up and down I’d never fly again and I’d certainly never go near Ryanair with a bargepole.

They have vastly improved, or else their flights to their own airport are better.  I still can’t say I like the process surrounding flying (shame, because I love love LOVE the view) but it was less of a traumatic experience this time than that flight in 2007.  I think having no bag or carry on at all helped, although I’ve never been one for packing lots of things or taking big bags.  There were many people weighed down in the airport and slowing the rest of us down in security with their snail shell of badly packed possessions.  The essentials, the holy grails, the consumerist crap that’s blatantly not allowed on planes and they didn’t actually need to take but thought they should just in case (in case they needed to show off to someone).  I saw this at Download as well, with people who had overpacked significantly slowing down the security checks.  Because I usually travel by my own car and park near my accommodation (or sleep in the car), I’ve never been surrounded by so many other people who think a five foot long suitcase per person (and hand luggage and a tent) is appropriate for 3 days at a festival (no, it’s not appropriate for 5 days either).  Again, it slows everyone else down, and it makes those people dragging their crap around feel stressed and miserable.  Not a one of them was happy.


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