A Requiem for Sunki The Service Animal

There was once the most special rabbit of all the rabbits.  A leader.  A hero.  The force was strong within this one. His name should be known by all who care about rabbits, because he was among the best of them.

Sunki Tiponi was the first registered service rabbit in Ontario, Canada.  I first saw him when he was featured on Daily Bunny, the website that used to show pictures of bunnies every day.  Their bunny Confucius died a couple of years ago which was very sad, and they’ve not been as active in updating their site since.  But they would generally publish pictures of Sunki, and I found out Sunki had his own blog anyway, so I started (erratically, like everything else I do, due to the bipolar etc) following Sunki’s adventures around Ontario.  He was an emotional support rabbit who took care of his owner Casper.  Sunki was getting on a bit last year and his owner got a new bunny to train as his replacement, but sadly the other bunny (Luke Skyhopper) passed away earlier this year.

Now, after many years of joy and happiness, Sunki has also gone over the rainbow bridge, as people tend to say about the loss of a beloved rabbit. Maybe he has a job to do taking care of Luke Skyhopper and teaching him how to be a special bunny angel.  When I found out earlier this week that Sunki had died, I just cried and cried.  I just want this year to end already because there has been so much loss and suffering.  My bunny Neville died at the end of January, and I lost both my parents within 5 months of each other, and it’s just been a really bad year.

Sunki’s blog is here, if you want to read his adventures and I wanted to link to him to immortalize his name and deeds, because he was a wonderful rabbit and it was clear that he had made a lasting and profound impact on his owner, and enabled him to do all sorts of things he wouldn’t have been able to do without him.  I think that’s why I’m so sad about Sunki’s loss… he was a truly special, unique rabbit who was dedicated to making sure his owner was ok and active and out and about.

You can read more here, by going through the archives on Sunki’s blog.  I don’t want to just re-word it because to me Sunki represented hope that those of us with mental health problems can maybe leave the house more often and do things that stress us out, if we have a beloved and brave animal companion who can support us.  An animal companion is more than a pet, it’s a creature whose soul resonates with your own on a deeper level and who can provide comfort and support when you need it, they tend to know when that is, and just turn up when you need them the most.

He has been succeeded by Darth Hopper and Chewbacca who have their own blogs, I am sure they will be able to take up the mantle and carry on Sunki’s marvellous work once they have completed their training.


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