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Sorry I’ve been erratically posting these past couple of weeks.  It’s only going to be like this until September.  We are re-doing our bathroom (I was interviewing plumbers 6 weeks ago) and we’ve ended up doing it ourselves because we live in a university town so the first two weeks of the summer holidays, every tradesman is booked up renovating all the student housing to bring it up to code before the council inspections for HMO licences roll around again.

So they don’t have time to do a job for someone who actually lives in the house they’re trying to repair.

So we’ve been without a shower now for as long as I can remember (I think April was when it caught fire????) and now our bedroom is full of the new shower which we need to self-assemble and in the process we found out the previous owners basically filled the drywalls with water in the bathroom, we’ve had to totally remove and replace two walls and we’re going to have to get rid of our bathtub and re-floor, as well as one wall being mostly held together by polyfiller (Spackle – my new favourite thing ever).

Add to that that the Scottish police have been less useful than a Sherpa tank full of ants trying to enter a figure skating contest, resulting in me having to investigate my own father’s death by myself despite the fact they still have the case open and are repeatedly lying about all sorts of things (it’s not me being paranoid here) to cover up their own negligence.

Add to that that I got my latest book accepted by a publishing house and it’s in the process of being edited, so that’s been busy.

Add to that that I need a frickin’ holiday!!!!!  But I can’t decide where to go on my budget. And I’ve spent a stupid amount of time looking at places.

Add to that that I signed up with an acting agency in the hope of getting a job that I might enjoy that uses all of my skills that I don’t need to stress about and that fits around my long periods of not being able to do anything at all interspersed with bursts of energy.

Add to that that the psychiatrist seems to be making things worse and I feel more crazy than I did 2 months ago since we keep dragging things up but nothings getting resolved and no coping strategies etc are being considered.  And the roles of grief and trauma aren’t even being considered because that’s in The Past (like, my dad’s barely been gone 3 months and my mum’s been gone just over 6 months.  That’s like The Present or something).

And I need to drill some holes in my car for an air vent to improve ventilation (it’s a car camper conversion) and it’s raining so I don’t want holes in my car because it might get wet inside.

So.  Many.   Things.

So I may be a little off-schedule for a while to come.


I do have the honour of getting an exciting award.  It’s called (dun dun dun dunnnnnnn….)

The Blogger Recognition Award.

I think it’s basically like the Liebster Award (but with no “subscriber/follower” limit) in that it’s to bring bloggers together to see each other’s stuff and things like that… which is great by me, because one of the tasks is to nominate 15 blogs to receive it.

That’s always the bit I find hardest because I agonize over who to choose, then I have to go and tell everyone and I can’t just copy and paste because I’d feel really impersonal so I then have to think of a zillion ways to say “hey, I nominated you for a thing.  See my post.” Then I worry about posting links to my site on someone else’s.

And about half of the blogs I’d love to give accolades to don’t even read mine 😦 which always feels like a waste when they don’t even look at the post they’re mentioned in.  There are NOTABLE exceptions, of course.  I struggle with decision making due to my bipolar disorder (but yet my vocabulary is generally enormous, I know, it’s not fair) which can leave me worrying for hours about leaving people out and whether I informed people in a good way etc.

So instead of nominating 15 blogs, I am going to extend this award by giving it to EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS POST.  Yes, that includes you lurking in the corner.  I see you. This is for everyone.

Let me know if you have claimed your Blogger Recognition Award from me and remember to follow the rules:

1. Select 15 other bloggers to give the award to (do as I say not as I do?????)

2. Write a post to show off your award (that would be this one)

3. Give a story about how your blog started.

I wanted to start a beauty blog back in February 2014.  I was very taken by Lauren Curtis and Shaanxo, which are my favourite beauty Vlogs, and I thought I could do something similar, but I wasn’t sure if I had the sustained interest.  Anyway, I did nothing about it for nearly a year then just before my mum died I decided that it was time to do it, so I got myself a URL and then within a week I moved it all to WordPress (word of caution – GoDaddy’s “website builder” is the worst thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to work with).  Very quickly I realised that most beauty blogs are just a vehicle for product placements and paid posts, and that those reviews are as boring as all hell because they are just “let’s rave about this product this week!!!” and I can’t cope with the sheer amount of fake-nice in beauty blogging, and anyway I had other things to talk about such as rabbits and food.  I haven’t ended up writing a huge amount of beauty articles (although my hair articles are bulking out the category, and my eyelash serum review is still one of my most popular articles).  Seven months later, I can’t believe how many changes my blog has undergone; the only category that’s been here since the beginning is Travel, and I’ve changed so much as a person (but that might be due to the mental breakdown, bipolar, gender issues, oh, and loss of both parents in less than 6 months of each other.  Just sayin’).  When I first started, I was basically blogging to make sure there were useful instructable type and scientific articles about things I’d done or researched, but that I’d had difficulty finding out how to do (or if they were even possible).  I have since started interspersing that with life-type updates, concert reviews, and even entire posts that are just photos.  But I try to keep posting instructions (how to spackle a wall will be coming soon, as well as how to put an air vent into a car camper conversion) because that’s why I blog; to help people make informed decisions before they do stuff, and to show people how they can do stuff.  To inspire delight in the world around me and help people do things that make them feel awesome (I have said this recently, but “inspire delight” was taken so I went with “invoke delight” instead.

4. Give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers:

Advice 1. Don’t follow every single blogging tip you read.  Some of them are crap.  “Pick a theme and stick to it” I was advised by a blogging article that had never seen my blog.  But my theme was not right for my content, I had to change it.  And it was a risk but it worked out and I like this theme a lot.

Advice 2. You don’t have to reply to shitty comments or spammy ones.  You can either bin them or leave them out in the open so everyone else can see that the person made a fool of themselves on the internet.  Up to you.  But remember that (generally) your readers aren’t so easily swayed as to run away because some troll pointed out that your teeth are crooked or whatever.  Or the dreaded Being Exposed on Youtube Incident.

I might explain this a bit further:  One of my first Youtube vids was a silver hair tutorial.  I put it on my Youtube and in about 3 weeks it got 1700 hits, like my most popular video.  Then after 2 months or so, someone commented to say “you know, you can see your boob at 4mins.”  I had checked and re-checked the video before I’d posted it.  I was SURE there was no boob.  But I checked again.  And I wanted the floor to swallow me.  There, in all its technicolour embarrassment was one of my boobs on the FREAKIN’ INTERNET on a video with over 2000 views by that point.  I felt so embarrassed and I was sure my video was only so popular because of my accidental boob.  I deleted the video straight away and thought no-one would watch it when I put it back online with no boob blooper, but they did, and it’s nearly got 4,000 views as of yesterday, so it goes to show that even something THAT embarrassing isn’t the end of the world and your channel or blog CAN get over such things.  And people apparently really, really want to know how to get silver hair.

4. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog:  Every Word You Say, thank-you for your lovely nomination and I’m only too happy to link to your blog and recommend everyone goes and reads it.

5. Attach the award to the post (with the picture).

The writing makes me want to watch Erin Brockovich again.
The writing makes me want to watch Erin Brockovich again.

Happy Friday Everyone.
PS: Do tell me when you’ve written your award post so I can read your blog because I’d love to see what you’ve written.


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  1. I loved that advice!! I’ve had some really mean comments on my blog, and the ones that are really offensive I do tend to delete because I don’t like that being on my page. But most of the funny ones I leave up there 🙂 I love your blog and I just love the way you write 🙂

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    1. Thanks, 🙂 I got some really really harsh comments on an article that went a bit viral on my other blog (I got about 50,000 views in a day and it kept going for about 9 days), and most people were just reading and sharing and saying it was good, but the negativity really got at me, so eventually I just turned comments off completely for the whole blog because I realised they were just seagulls flying past and shitting on my article.

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