Going to London Here’s What’s Important

Hey all I’m going to be in London from tomorrow until Monday evening.  As many of you may not remember, London ranked pretty high in my list of cities I’d least like to visit again.  I am, however, SUPERDUPERHYPOMANIC and as excited as all hell for no good reason, so I hope that doesn’t deflate when I’m down there that would be really bad.

PLEASE check out MorgueticiaAtoms’s GoFundMe fundraiser if you haven’t already.  She has a very sick cat who is at the vets, the link to fund it is here and the latest update (at time of posting) is here. Sick cat needs vet care. Help if you can.

My latest bipolar medical carnivale of horrors is here the gist is that I have a prescription for seroquel, but I can’t use it until Monday because if it knocks me out while I’m in London that’s a risk I can’t take (whereas the hypomania is actually preferable because I’m going to a 2 day voice acting workshop so imma need energy).

Check out my article on Harry Potter film locations if you haven’t already, there’s photos of all the Harry Potter film locations that I visted lately.

Oh and if you like hair tutorials, random rabbits doing cute things or beard tutorials (or random comedy sketches, documentaries about historic buildings, it’s a mixed bag) you could watch my videos/like/subscribe over on my Youtube channel too.

I need to go and eat some food now because I just ran and jumped and danced all round Tesco (supermarket) in excitement at getting to eat the food I was choosing. That’s all from me (and that’s all from her).

Because it's an anonymous giraffe... Anonymous giraffe are anonymous.
Because it’s an anonymous giraffe… Anonymous giraffe are anonymous.



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