The return of the Posting Schedule

Illuminati Confirmed.

So I’ve been thinking (a dangerous pastime – I know).  I know I shot to pieces my posting schedule after spending so long making it nice and all.  But I find myself struggling to get out posts that are waiting to be written, with photos etc just ready to go on the internet, because I have no posting schedule or structure.  It’s great to be able to have pieces like yesterday’s “Out of Money.”  But when they overshadow or stop another post from happening because I’ve spent too much time on a post like that, I feel like it’s counterproductive.

I want my blog Invoke Delight to be a place where I can express awe and wonder and share it with everyone.  I like writing about life stuff because it helps me organize my thoughts, but that’s why I have a second blog, How To Get Up From An All Time Low? and that’s what should be posting there, with maybe the occasional reblog.  The fact that everything keeps getting reblogged and cross posted tells me I have an organization issue, not a justification to have 2 blogs.

However, there’s a HUGE issue, which is that I don’t actually like posting too much information over there because of what happened with That Theme Park Article, and the fact that it’s STILL bringing traffic to my blog for frick’s sake.  That annoys me.  Why? Because nobody who reads that has any interest in anything else I have to say and I keep getting shitty emails like “Yore a crazy bitch how do I know that article is 4 realzies??”  And I’m all like “I don’t care for this conversation (so I don’t respond), I just wrote the damn thing on a whim at the time.”  On top of that I’m concerned that people are still finding me through that article and still harassing me in real life about it, and they’ve also been harassing other people in my life.  I didn’t think it was particularly interesting or unusual to say what I’d said, I didn’t think there was ANYTHING controversial or worthy of the viral attention it got in the UK, but there you go.

My four dedicated readers may have to migrate over here I’m afraid.

I’m not swearing, by the way, because there’s no swear warning.

I could just write one but meh.

So here’s how it’s gonna go down:

Travel Tuesday needs to come back from the dead like that messiah I talked about yesterday who turned back up 3 days after he died.  Anyone who can come back from the dead to avoid missing out on chocolate eggs was probably not actually dead to start with.  Let’s just throw that out there.  So we’re going to do travel on Tuesday, and it’s going to be about places I’ve been or mechanics of planning.

Wanderlust Wednesday should make an appearance.  It looks like travel tuesday but that’s deceptive.  It’s actually going to be a day when I can talk about places I’d like to go, share pictures of really cool stuff I haven’t done, and other wishful thinking.  That’s why it’s Wanderlust Wednesday.  Other travel-type bloggers might not make that distinction, but this is my blog, my rules; if you don’t like it read someone else’s.

SCIENCE!  On Fridays, I’m going to talk science.  I want to explain how stuff works, how it doesn’t work, and we’re not talking “Mo is for Molybdenum… wauff wauff wauff boring wauff wauff.”  No, we’re talking How Does Color Remover Work?  or What is Vitamin K? or  What type of Milk Allergy Do I have? or  How does Bleaching work?  That type of stuff, because that’s what I want to talk about on Fridays.  Anything vaguely scientific that I want to talk about is going to go in the SCIENCE! category (as well as whatever other category I want to put it in).  I may do these as a series of videos with transcripts.

Pure Delight should still be a category.  The problem with scheduling delight is that I can’t ever account for when inspiration is going to hit the universe at a time when I co-incidentally have a camera ready.  So I won’t always have something to share for this category, which is why in the past I was reluctant to schedule for it.  I think Pure Delight posts should not be regularly allotted a time, they will post without warning.

Bunny Pictures:  I’m going to post a picture of a rabbit every Saturday.

Manic Monday:  I know, I know, stab me now it’s a terrible tagline.  I want to make Mondays a day to talk about Mental Health.  I am currently debating migrating all my best articles over from How To Get Up From An All Time Low?  so I can put everything in one place.  I know why I separated it all out but I’m angling more towards integration at the moment for reasons to do with that stupid Theme Park Article (I’m not linking or naming because I am trying to separate from it).  What do you guys think?  I get about 10 views a day over there, tops, most of which are people who want to read that article then gape (gawp, something gormless anyway) at the spectacle of my mental health, like I’m some kind of zoo animal, and that is NOT what that blog was EVER remotely supposed to be about; it was supposed to be a supportive place.

I think one of the hardest things about blogging is hitting a balance between saying whatever I want to say and making articles that actually help other people in some way shape or form.  And I started this blog with a view to increasing people’s information about things.  That sounds so broken English, WTF??  So while I like being able to go BLEURRRRGH!!! BIPOLAAAArrrrRRRANTTTT!!!!  And vomit feelings all over the ‘net, I also feel it’s not the point.  It’s not why I blog.  I blog because, fundamentally, part of me is science-teacher-shaped, part of me is adventurer-shaped, and part of me is soft and squishy like a bunny wabbit (which is closely related to the part of me that is a crazy person), and I want to share stuff that relates to those things without being tied to some article I wrote on a blog that makes me out to be a one dimensional individual.

Being bipolar doesn’t define who I am, it just explains it.  I don’t want to think that bipolarness will ever be all that I am (although it’s all consuming), I want to think of it as a key (like on a map) that shows why I do the things I do, without it actually being what I do.  I don’t want to live up to it, I want to live around it.  And I feel like recently it’s been everything, all-consuming, while I’ve been trying to come to terms with it and work out what the hell I can do with my life that it will let me do that it won’t just attack vigorously in three to six months’ time.  I’m hoping the EMDR and psychotherapy for trauma will get me to a point where I can move on.

This paragraph is NSFW due to comparing bipolar and butt plugs:

I’m still of the opinion that, while I definitely have bipolar and there’s a million things I need to now take into consideration before I do stuff, it’s all a bit like wearing a butt plug (that you can’t take out) and needing to fart.  You (meaning me) can never take it out, but you can get to a point where you can fart around it.  It’s uncomfortable and awkward to do that at first, and if it’s a particularly big butt plug (or a barbed wire one) or a very pressurey fart, it’s going to hurt like a Mo-Fo, but eventually the lacerations will heal and you don’t forget that the butt plug is there but you get on with your day (as much as it will allow you to – obviously you can never ride horses comfortably again), and one day someone’s like “dude, why don’t you wear butt plugs any more?” and you’re all like “I am wearing one right now.”  This is perhaps not the best-tasteful analogy, but since people keep comparing bipolar to a barbed-wire dildo that keeps fucking you over, I thought I’d add to that by moving it analward (like foreward, backward, etc).  So maybe this post was NSFW after all?  Sorry.


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      1. I have many plugs. And dilators. And strap ons, straplesses, straps and restraints. And a single feather on a stick. Amongst other things. I might do an article on my sex toy collection at some point, I’m sure it’d be an eye opener (or something opener) for some people as to just what can be purchased on the internet. Although the internet doesn’t get all the credit – I used to be an Ann Summers rep. Probably my best paid gig actually. Had to quit for teacher training though.

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      3. Black and white. Sharp focus. Soft lighting. Like that girl out of Casablanca. That kind of lighting. Maybe with some modern and classy but not icky background music… and a bubble bath featuring somewhere in the shot. Not my bath, it’s a shitty 70’s plasticky colourful one, something with a roll-top and a shower attachment that looks like an analogue telephone… hmm…


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