56 Holes, Snakes and Ladders

Bad day.
So after getting offered a job yesterday while I was in the middle of writing yesterday’s post about my work history, and realizing that if it starts Monday then all my grand ideas about starting a science channel that will be the most helpful resource ever for people trying to learn science would go out of the window, then clearing my day today completely so all I needed to do was sit at home and make a few science videos…

It all went wrong. It kind of had to, on the giant snakes and ladders board of my life. The job offer yesterday was a ladder, so today, me oversleeping and the battery on my camera dying was the corresponding snake. I never move forward in life, I just kind of spiral around the same spot trying everything that might move me somewhere else, like Nemo swimming in a circle because of his gimpy fin.

It started this morning when (apparently) I failed to get out of bed to drive my Dearest to school. I sometimes send him on his own, but I NEVER not notice it. I was awakened, instead, at 7:45 by my new bed being delivered. I nearly had to answer the door naked, because my dressing gown (and all of my clothes) chose today to crawl into hiding places. And so did all the bathroom towels (we still haven’t finished remodeling the bathroom so there is no organized towel storage at the moment). So I had to answer the door wrapped in my quilt. It could have been worse but I am not sure how. Especially when I realized (to my absolute horror) that my brand new sex toys were sitting in their lurid distasteful packaging in the living room, in direct line of view of where the bed got left. They were supposed to deliver it upstairs but I panicked over the clothing situation so I did that flaily thing wherein I say the first thing I think of to get rid of people.

“Yeah, just leave it down here.” is all well and good at 7:45am when I wanted nothing more than to find out where my knickers were and take my retainer out, and had a wooly head full of sleeping pills, but then at 5:30 when I brought my Dearest home I realized that I am going to have to carry the damn thing up the stairs with him because I was too ashamed to open my mouth and say “actually blokes, could you just drop it at the top of the stairs for me please?” It was even in the delivery contract that they would take it to the room of your choice. I just chose badly.

So tonight we’re both sleeping on the sofa because we’ve disassembled our old bed. I counted 56 holes in the mattress!!! Fifty six!! I can’t believe how wrecked the bed is. The metal slats are all bent out of shape and the legs are twisted and the springs are pushing through the mattress on both sides… how the hell have I managed to NOT have insomnia some days, bipolar or no??

And there’s no science vid/article because my camera conspired to break both its batteries mid-filming and now I’ve got to wait until at least tomorrow to get a new one, and I’ve only managed to film 2 videos neither of which have come out well because they were done on the wrong ISO. And my hair video went live when it’s half out of focus because I wasn’t able to re-record it for the same reason.

Fucksake. For my last weekday of freedom before I have to go and fail at being an employee for a few weeks, this really sucked. And I’ve got to go buy a pair of safety boots. I hate shopping for regulation footwear.


Author: MsAdventure

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