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Repost from 9th May 2015 as part of my blog move and unedited. This is no longer being updated as of October 2016!

Here is a list of websites with resources for addiction help, including blogs, articles, and other things I’ve found. I’ve tried to add things from around the world because most resources are country or culture specific:

Alcohol: Alcoholics Anonymous Main US Site Alcoholics Anonymous UK Secular Organizations For Sobriety (worldwide help and resources if you don’t want to find Jesus but still want to get sober) Drink Aware UK’s list of resources and support for alcoholism.
Canadian Addiction and Mental Health’s alcoholism support pages.

Drugs: The UK Drug Abuse website Support for Parents of Kids with Drug/Alcohol problems.—Information/Substance-Abuse—Addiction/Substance-Abuse-and-Addiction Lifeline Australia: Information and what to do about substance abuse and addiction. Druginfo Australia’s Help and support page.

Gambling: Gam Anon. United States. They are the alcoholics anonymous for gambling. The National Council On Problem Gambling (US) NHS Gambling addiction pages The Canadian Resources for Problem Gambling Page

General Addiction Help: General, easy to understand information about overcoming addiction.
Reach Out (Australia) For a broad spectrum of mental health problems, but I’ve linked to their addiction page here. Action On Addiction UK. The United States Drug Abuse website’s resources page for addiction.

Cough Medicine Addiction Information: An inside look at one of the less common addictions (or, why the pharmacist grills you when you ask for cough medicine). A very in-depth explanation of the way cough syrup addiction happens.

Prescription Painkiller Addiction Help:
There was an abject lack of useful or accurate information about this, with most articles focussing on cough medicine (which is NOT a prescription medication, see “cough medicine addiction,” above) etc, so the only helpful article I found was this one describing the difference between addiction and physical dependence (something that many addiction websites for many different addictions don’t seem to be able to distinguish):

I also got this interesting article from an amazing and informative blog that covers all aspects of addiction and doesn’t marginalise prescription painkiller addiction:

You can be addicted to something which doesn’t produce physical dependence. You can be addicted to anything. It’s just medically safer to stop an addiction when there is no physical dependence.


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