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Repost from May 2015 as part of my merger of my two blogs.  Unedited.

This is a set of resources I’ve found so far on bipolar. Please email me if you have a website you would like me to include on this page, although I will need to read it first. I will do a separate post on bipolar blogs as they tend to offer a different perspective.

What is bipolar?

General Bipolar Support Groups:

Bipolar and Depression Support Alliance Events

Medication Information: Natasha Tracy’s view on whether you can control bipolar without medication. Tom Wooton discusses the advantages and disadvantages of medicating bipolar. An article aimed at psychiatrists, this calls for the antipsychotic Haloperidol to be banned due to its awful biological side effects including neurotoxicity and irreversible brain damage. READ BEFORE TAKING HALOPERIDOL OR IF YOU CURRENTLY TAKE IT. It’s the one they can inject you with at psych hospitals so be aware of it’s dangers.

Managing Your Bipolar: 10 small steps you can take today to improve your bipolar disorder. You can’t take all of them today, but there’s still some helpful stuff in there. How to tell the difference between yourself and your bipolar.

Bipolar And Pregnancy: VERY informative helpful advice about medication and pregnancy and bipolar.[tt_news]=176260 Treating Bipolar During Pregnancy (constructive advice) Treating Bipolar During Pregnancy (the official line that your doctor will probably go with).

Bipolar and Animal Companions: How pets can help your bipolar.

Bipolar and money: An article about how one woman solved the out of control spending we experience with bipolar. Another article about how someone solved the finance issues we have.

Bipolar and Work: How to manage bipolar disorder and keep a job.
A leaflet for Employers about helping employees with bipolar disorder. It’s not as accurate as it could be about the illness, but it’s got some helpful advice for employers and I would show it to my boss if I had a permanent job and was choosing to disclose my illness.

Bipolar and Exercise: Dyane Harwood explains how exercise can help with bipolar explaining exactly how she started an exercise routine and how it has helped.

Bipolar Resource Powerhouses: International Society for Bipolar Disorders International Bipolar Foundation


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12 thoughts on “Bipolar Resources”

  1. This is amazing Jasmine, thank you so much for compiling this huge list – I will go through and read as I haven’t seen a lot of these links before, very helpful.

    Can I please ask you a question, I hope you don’t mind. What medication are you currently taking and has it helped you in any way?


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    1. Hey sorry I never replied, my internet still isn’t behaving and it’s going to be this for a while by the looks of it. I’m on Seroquel and I’ve found it incredibly helpful, it just cools things down a bit and helps me organize my thoughts enough to put them into words (other people who have taken it apparently hate it though), although I’m currently on a planned 3 day break because it has caused much constipation and it also makes me less imaginative which sucks for writing, but sometimes I need to kill the full force of my thoughts (it doesn’t zombiefy me at all) to break the startle response and anxiety I get from my PTSD. 🙂

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      1. Omg! You had the same symptoms as me with Seroquel, my doctor took me off it about a month ago because my constipation and blurred vision were so awful! The doctor kept saying to me though ‘well you know, I’ve never heard of constipation bring a side effect, are you sure it’s not just you?’ Seriously. So glad someone else has been through the same thing – thumbs up.

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      2. What your doctor said is bullshit it’s right there in the patient information leaflet. I swear they never listen (and they’re supposed to pass it on which is why they’re so dismissive – it’s extra work for them to report side effects properly). I also get very averse to bright sunlight when I’m on it. What are you trying now? 🙂

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      3. Right?! Jasmine if you met him you would see immediately how nuts he is. I was under the care of the emergency crisis team and they’ve discharged me to the local community centre now – the last words that doctor said to me was ‘now you be discharged – you’ve been difficult for me to treat because you seem to develop side effects too easily so my job has not been easy, now I hope for you that other doctor can assist you better.’ Yes. Cheers, pass me on, cya!

        I am on Sertraline and started another anti psychotic 4 days ago – Olanzapine. And I take diazepam, the only thing that works for my dreadful anxiety and agitation at the moment. Thank god for small mercies I suppose. Ah the trials and tribulations of medication huh?!

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      4. Well fingers crossed it all works out. Diazepam made me think I had magical zoom in/out vision (think Blahpolar had that at one point too) I’m back on the seroquel tonight after being very assumptive and rude to the vet treating my ill rabbit – I said “sorry, I thought I made an appointment to see the vet” and it turned out they’d just hired her as a second vet!!!! I had just assumed she was a veterinary nurse because she looked maybe 20. I could’ve died of embarrassment! My husband was stood next to me and was not impressed with my bitchy behaviour so that’s the end of me trying to go it alone without meds again (and the end of me pooing – tmi!!!!).

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      5. Hahahah! Ugh I can be such a bitch, well even worse on no medication – no holding back here. Also there is nothing worse than severe constipation, tmi here as well but when I was on Seroquel I went a week with no movement, I was taking laxatives like there was no tomorrow but to no avail. As soon as I came off it, bam! The shit we gotta go through right, literally!!

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    1. Hey, thanks, of course you can! They’re not my links after all. Although I’m not finding the pregnancy ones to be enough information to make an informed decision so I’m still on the hunt for more links about that…


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