Internet Problems

Hey ya.
So I’ve not been around anywhere near as much as I’d like because my internet keeps dropping out. Basically my landline suddenly lost its dialing tone last Tuesday but I thought the handset was just broken again (its done it before). However, after it took me 30 hours to upload an 8 minute youtube video on Friday/Saturday, we checked yesterday afternoon and found out that our phone line cable is broken. In the warmer weather, the copper must have expanded so it was still making a connection, but in this colder weather, the cable isn’t touching, so it’s not connecting properly.

If I remember correctly from when I researched this to fix a fax machine when I ran the office at an engineering company, there are 6 cables in a BT phone line, of which only two need to be connected for the connection to actually work. Now I can’t remember whether that’s 2 specific cables need to work or whether that’s any 2 cables make it go. I have a feeling it’s 2 specific ones, and the rest are to improve call quality. I think that some do outgoing and some do incoming, but again I can’t remember.

So either way, when my internet will work at all, it’s barely running, very slowly, so I can sometimes get it to let me copy and paste the HTML from blog entries on my other blog that I’m trying to merge and post on here, but its upload speed (for putting pics, vids etc online) is 0.02mbps, whereas the download speed is about 0.1mbps. These are both very slow and means I am having great difficulty posting anything other than plain text or link posts, I’m not able to comment on other people’s blogs (when I can get them to load which is not often, usually it’s timing out or loading plaintext), even the like button is refusing to click at times, and I’m having trouble even responding to/approving comments (or getting it to actually load the bell list at top right) on my own blogs. I’m not ignoring anyone, I just haven’t got internet and any action that makes the web page respond is taking a very very long time. Twitter is also not doing so good.

Trouble is, because the damage is AFTER the phone connector plug socket, legally we cannot touch it (it’s a criminal offence that carries jail time) even though it’s a 5 second soldering job, so we have to wait for BT to send an engineer out, only we have no way of phoning them because our phoneline’s down.

I might go and try some housework or something.


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5 thoughts on “Internet Problems”

  1. I had no internet a couple years back, and turned out, one of my ass trash neighbors had jacked my line and hooked themselves up rather than pay their bill. Took a week to get someone out to fix it, then the neighbor went and jacked it again.
    Think he’s in jail now for home robbery, I do live in the nicest hood.

    Anyway…I feel your net pain, hope it gets sorted soon.

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    1. I have been wondering for a while if my shit neighbors have been doing that with my gas pipe. Our bill has been so high this year. Turns out the people who’ve just moved in on the other side of my noisy neighbors are friends of my husband’s from university, so I’m hoping between us we can get the council to get rid of them.

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