I’ve Got A Job!!!!

So yesterday was exhausting but I tried to catch up with blogs in the evening. I was on the TV set for 10 hours and I was mostly naked and it was very cold. Overall it was a positive experience though and the positives definitely far outweighed the negatives and I spent most of the day pretending to eat someone’s muff. I can’t go into any more details due to the non-disclosure agreement, but it was for a show that airs on the BBC so it’s not porn or anything (sadly lol – I did meet a porn actor but he only did gay porn so had no advice about which straight/lesbian studios were any good).

Then this morning I overslept bigtime and my Dearest was left to make his own way to school. And my phone had 2 missed calls/ 2 messages so I phoned back and it was the coffe place/cafe/restaurant (I don’t want to be specific but they do table delivery service although you go to the counter to order) who offered me the job as a supervisor at their food place. I start Monday.

I’m still ambivalent about this though because I wasn’t sure that I was ready to go back to work, and I don’t know what it’ll mean for my acting and writing, will I still have time? What about getting the house organized? At the interview I explained about the bipolar disorder and how it affects me, that sometimes I’m quiet for no reason and sometimes I can’t leave the house. I thought that was going to be the dealbreaker but they seemed ok about it (I wasn’t sure until I got offered the job this morning whether this was legitimately ok or not). I know I’m not usually upfront about my bipolar disorder but I felt like it was the right thing to do in this instance.

I also explained about how I sometimes get called to do acting/walk on work, and that I would do it if I could get time off but I wouldn’t call in sick – unless it was Game of Thrones. The manager thought that someone would almost definitely switch shifts with me if it was for that though lol. When I think about everything I’ve managed to do lately, I feel slightly positive, particularly since I haven’t been on mood stabilizers since several days ago, due to trying to conceive. Am going back on them after I stop ovulating, if (and only if) I have a negative pregnancy test result. Otherwise, I’m going to wait until I can’t sleep again.

I’m also ambivalent because we’re trying for a baby and I would feel bad taking time off or not coming back, but I guess it won’t hurt to have something to do between now and then (as long as I don’t get very bad morning sickness, even the combined contraceptive pill used to give me that – but it also gave me migraines, mood swings and confusion, so I’m hoping it was the synthetic oestrogen, not oestrogen full stop otherwise this is going to be really bad) and there’s always the chance I might not conceive, which I need to consider.

I’m also ambivalent about it because I’m worried that I’m biting off more than I can chew with this whole thing, and that I’ll be exhausted from everything. I did ask for a 30 hours a week contract though instead of the standard 43 hours full time one, so hoping that helps relieve the potential for exhaustion. A lot of me wants to just stay home and get the house organized.

And I’ve just been called about working on a TV soap (do you guys have soaps in America? They’re like Melrose Place, or maybe the telenovelas, but less glamorous) next Wednesday so I worry about taking time off when I’m just starting my job, but I did say to him on the phone that I might need another day off next week. And I guess the major advantage is that I’m nearly always free on weekends when my job is busiest. I need to get myself into Equity (the acting union) and on Spotlight (directory of all professional actors); I might actually get enough work this year to make them both viable and worth paying to do.

But yeah… I’m gainfully employed. Um…


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    1. I literally don’t know if I’ll still be working there in 2 week’s time but I hope so. That’s the negative. Every time I fuck up I know I’ve got less resilience for the next time. But it’s an initial 3 month contract (running to permanent as long as I don’t set anything on fire I guess) so not quite as terrifying as permanent. Last time I got made permanent (last year) I quit soon after because a pregnant woman came back off maternity and took all my hours, so I then had a permanent 16 hour contract (like, actually expected me to do 16 regular hours split over 6 days of the week and any and all overtime at a moment’s notice), which I decided they could go and fuck themselves with. I think people hire me for my bad attitude, and frequency of use of the word “fuck.”

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      1. WTF kind of job doesn’t encourage you to set things on fire??? Savages.
        Most jobs here aren’t contract so we don’t locked in, they can get rid of you without good cause, you can leave without good cause. With my commitment issues, signing on for anything long term is just guaranteed failure.
        I want a job where telling people to fuck off is considered a plus. I could totally rock that gig.

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  1. Since when is 43 hrs a week considered normal full time! I’m proud of myself when I manage more than 20! Best of luck with the work. Working with people who are understanding of mental health difficulties has made such a big difference to me. Hopefully you will find the same attitude at your new job! đŸ™‚

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    1. Lol yeah McDonalds’ full time contract was 45 hours at one store and 32 hours at another. I guess the European Working Time Directive only caps it at 48 though so I guess they can set it at anything up to that.


      1. It’s crazy! I’m very much a work to live person, not a live to work. I’m trying to implement a new conversation policy because I’m fed up of the way when you meet new people, the first question they always seem to ask is “what do you do (for a living)?” I am so much more than my job and when I was long term unemployed it was a difficult question to answer without explaining a rather personal medical history they probably wouldn’t care about. My replacement question is currently “what do you enjoy doing with your life?” Which seems less intrusive and a better conversation starter all round!

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      2. I like that. I was getting very thrown by the question until my therapist convinced me that writing is a legitimate answer (esp. since I’ve had books published by actual publishers) even though it doesn’t feel like one.

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      3. Writing is definitely work! And the best kind cos sometimes it’s even enjoyable! đŸ˜› I do like reading your blog. I’m fed up with news websites at the moment because of the very basic mistakes in writing they keep making. I still haven’t spotted any in yours… It’s like the difference between someone singing in tune and not to my ears! (Yes, I hear what I read…)

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      4. Hahaha, co-incidentally I did just spot one embarrassing typo (alum instead of album) on the penultimate paragraph on today’s article. Also, I switch between writing in American English and Standard English depending on how much actual writing I’ve been doing (since my books have to be written in American so it’s easier to just get into the habit). I do like reading things that are correct in any dialect, though. It’s the generalizations in news articles that bug me the most these days. I’m currently writing an article about Frank Herbert as I came across the worst examples (that I’ve ever seen) of point of view abuse in the opening pages of two of his books yesterday. I just need to copy his quotes from the paperback and then decide how I’m going to write about it – sarcastic or explanatory… hmm…


  2. Aw Jas I’m feeling all proud and delighted right now, as if I hatched you myself. You need to know good producers of lesbian porn, or is a studio something else? I need to see that programme when it’s out, so please give me a heads up so I can get my minions to pirate it. Strut, girlboi, you’ve earned it.

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    1. Yeah, producers, studios, I have no idea how it works but I want in. My Dearest has said it’s all good as long as I talk to him so he knows what’s going on beforehand this time (the call centre thing took him a bit by surprise but it was all fine in the end – he knows my love of BDSM is pretty much only eclipsed by my need to do stuff I haven’t done yet). He seems more amused by the fact we sell both bananas and bagels at my new food place. It’s out about this time next year so I’ll let y’all know.

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      1. Crash Pad Series, but upon more thought I’m pretty sure it’s in the states. Good dyke porn (. Com) is an amateur site. Hrm and there I thought I was going to be helpful. Maybe Jizz Lee would have some links. Idk. I know someone who knows someone, but I just checked and it’s all American. Erm why did I even write this comment……..

        Do you have to keep mentioning The Call Centre Thing? Have you no shame!? Brb writing an outraged letter to a small freesheet in Devon about it for no good reason.

        As you were.

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