A Rant from A Waiter.

I’ve had a shit day today.  The guy who started yesterday wanted to micromanage everything.  Example:  I was washing dishes, he came in and said “can you do some washing up?” Then when I was making customers’ drinks, he came over and said, “there’s some drinks that need making.”  I put up with it as long as I could then I snapped at him.  In front of customers.

After 4 hours of that, while I was CLEARLY doing three jobs at once, he said, “make those drinks that are on order because there’s loads now!”  He could have made them himself, and I had both hands full of plates I was on the shop floor taking to diners.  So I snapped.  I was like “well I’m making food that you should be making and fixing the dishwasher that you broke and trying to get the thing done that (actual supervisor) needs urgently doing and taking these 10 plates to tables so I don’t have time right now.”

I turned down the supervisor gig because I wanted to see what the regular job was like first.  Now I wish I’d taken it so I didn’t have to put up with this sexist crap.  The actual supervisor who was in today didn’t do this at all.  Of course.  Because he knows what he’s doing and has experience in managing people.  Like I do.  And this guy who started yesterday… I’m quite sure this is his first supervisor job.  It might even be his first job.  I’m trying to be nice about it.  But if this carries on, I’m going to be looking for a new job pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t mind, but when I called him on his micromanaging, he said, “I know I can be demanding…” (twice he said this, twice I pointed out he was actually micromanaging.  Y’all know the difference between actually delegating and telling someone to do something they’re ALREADY doing, when you, the supervisor, aren’t doing anything, right?  Because it can’t just be me).


And so he got trained on loads of stuff that I should have been trained on.  Because he’s the new supervisor so he needs to know how to do it more than I do.  After all, we both have the same job apart from locking up and cashing up.  On top of that, he gave out craptons of free stuff to customers that he shouldn’t have.  And turned customers away when he shouldn’t have.  And got a £30 order so wrong that we had to give 6 (perfectly reasonable and justified) customers a full refund after they waited 45 mins and their food STILL didn’t arrive properly twice, after they sent one drink back twice (and his attitude towards it was shocking) and we had to clarify their order three times.  And instead of being a man and going and dealing with it, he kept hiding in the washing up room whenever any orders had to be taken NEAR those customers (and telling me to take those orders up when I was clearly busy and he wasn’t), and every time they came down to complain, so I and someone else ended up dealing with it.  It’s basically been a day of cleaning up his messes and having to grit my teeth while he told me to do things I either was doing, had done or was about to do.

*head desk head desk head desk*

Ok I’m done ranting.


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  1. I had a waitressing job on graveyard shift and since it wasn’t so busy then they ran skeleton crew, me and the asst mgr. I had to wait tables, get the drive thru, mix my own milkshakes, wash dishes, clean the bathrooms, mop the entire dining floor…
    Wasn’t a problem until a bus of tourists came in, then it was, like, I need frigging tentacles to perform this, get off my ass if I am slow.

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