Idiot of The Week Linkdumps: WIKIPEDIA EDITION!

So I was recently invited to provide commentary on the stupidest things I saw on the internet. You may remember the contempt in which I held Benny the Bipolar Puppy.

Here’s the stupidest article I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading on Wikipedia:
And here’s what I said about it on the talk page, which pretty much sums up why I’ve gone off Wikipedia in the last few months because it’s gotten shockingly bad again (like, 2003 levels of bad Wikipedia):

“This article needs references to meet Wikipedia’s guidelines. Unreferenced material in this article SHOULD be challenged and removed.
I can’t believe this article is so long and has so many entire paragraphs with no references whatsoever and such fragmented incoherent sentences that repeat and contradict one another consecutively! I can only assume that this article has not been written to be user friendly to anyone who isn’t a radio enthusiast and therefore already familiar with the subject matter. God only knows why Wikipedia allowed this article to be semi-locked for editing, but I’m seeing more and more of this across Wikipedia in recent months where people are just deluding themselves into playing at being historians and think they are “writing histories” by editing Wikipedia. It’s an encylopedia. If you want to write a communal project about the history of radio, buy a domain name and pay to host it and make your own researched website, add a forum so you can all bicker about whether there’s too much about the US or not. Please keep Wikipedia true to its purpose, which is an encyclopedia which relies on verifiable information, not historical narrative written by bickering enthusiasts who refuse to share “their” article. Why ANYONE needs to be a gatekeeper (i.e. whoever is able to unlock editing on it) on such a shoddily written, rambling and incoherent article is really beyond me, they clearly don’t have the time or inclination to do a proper job.”

I would like to add to that, a link to the “talk” page on the article on Hypomania, which is a topic I have more emotional involvement in. Some group of “hypomania rules we love hypomania” type subjective morons have decided to police the article in the worst possible way. Just check out this bickering:

That was the first time I went off Wikipedia in a big way. Followed shortly by this bickering about Marian Apparitions. I love the argument about the word “condemned” as if it actually makes any difference to the article as a whole:

And this one on Evolution shows that Evangelical Darwinists (the ones who are so insecure in their own Darwinism that they have to convert everyone else) can’t agree on what, exactly, evolution really is, in a number of big ways: (and this is just those atheist Evangelical Darwinists because they actually delete any comment made that doesn’t utterly believe in the fundamental premise). As a qualified science teacher with a degree in archaeology, the crap they’re disputing just seems utterly petty and I guess this is the problem with letting “everyone” edit things – it’s the same as letting “everyone” do anything else – there’s more asshats than sensible people and the sensible people who actually know what they’re talking about and, I don’t know, understand words, then get drowned out (as Kazuo Ishiguro noted in The Remains of The Day, incidentally, although I haven’t directly quoted him).

Seriously, next time you’re reading a Wikipedia article, take a look at the talk page, to get an idea about the type of person who wrote the article, and take it with a huge pinch of salt if they’re not sharing their toys. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, as we already knew, and anyone can apparently lock an article for editing, that just means they’ve registered and have a Wikipedia login, same as I have a WordPress login. Doesn’t make me an expert on Marian Apparitions either. I know it’s all obvious, but sometimes the world needs reminding otherwise we forget and believe a 40 year old living in his mom’s basement which he’s filled with radio parts knows more about the history of the radio than actual referencable sources. Ugh, if only Wikipedia didn’t tempt me to read its articles by coming so high in Google’s results. I waste far too much time trying to type {{citation needed}} tags on things that are made up or inferences or traditionalist historical narrative garbage.

Also, as an FYI for all those affected by WordPress’s stupidest update to the “posting experience,” if you want to use the original black posting experience on WordPress, go to “My sites/ wp admin / posts / add new” (only works if you click through the black menu, if you mouseover then click it takes you to the blue instead).


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