Dumbass of the week: How Did I End Up Here?

You know those times when you’re browsing the internet, minding your own beeswax, when suddenly you end up (through some series of clicks) on a website that is just plain bizarre, and you think to yourself, ‘how did I end up here??’
Well, say hello to “AntiDep[ressant]Aware” It’s this week’s dumbass website of the week. This is a website that collates all known deaths of people with mental health problems and blames the medications (but only if those medications are either ‘antidepressants’ (no differentiation between the different types) or ‘psychiatric meds’ (unspecified). So antipsychotics and sedatives of every flavour are apparently harmless.
Now I’m sure that most of my readers know how I feel about medication… my bipolar meds give me back my cognitive function and ability to sleep, and I think they’re a very important tool in the (rather small) arsenal of things we can use to try and snatch back parts of our lives from Hurricane Bipolar.
However, I am very wary of antidepressants because of something called a Paradox Reaction. This (happens a lot in bipolar folks) is where the antidepressant sends you into bipolar mania with no thought for whether you actually wanted to be manic or not. This happened to my mother. I have an additional problem with Diazepam (a benzodiazepine, not an antidepressant) in that it makes me psychotic.
So when last year my doctor wanted to prescribe me (without bothering to properly assess me) antidepressants, I had to really fight to avoid them. Despite my saying repeatedly that there was a family history of psychosis.
I think they are given out far too easily.
But they are a lifeline for some people, and I think (as a mental health patient) you have to educate yourself about what the pros and cons of any course of action are, then go ahead with what you think is best. Websites that totally malign a whole branch of pharmaceuticals don’t add anything to the process of educating yourself because they don’t specifically carry out empirical studies looking for weaknesses in the mechanism of action of the drug. If you think it’s best to take antidepressants when you have bipolar, and your doctor agrees, then that might be the right choice for you. We don’t get a lot of choice with mental health matters, but uneducated blanket calls to ban antidepressants are stupid, correlation does NOT imply causality (I mean, look at those people who thought AIDS was caused by gay sex when it was really UNPROTECTED sex) and blaming antidepressants for the deaths of people known to Mental Health services is as idiotic as blaming antibiotics when people die of infection.
Or blaming chemotherapy when people die of cancer.
Yeah, you heard me. I’m pro naturopathy for the things that naturopathy can help with, but not at the exclusion of allopathic medicine, and blaming modern medicine because it hasn’t performed miracles is bullshit and it makes me so mad when people come out with this crap. But people like that should just go back to drinking their green-coloured liquids and believing it’ll cure their cancer. It saves the NHS hundreds of thousands when these people don’t get cancer treatment. I agree that Big Pharma has a lot of explaining to do with some things, but in other cases, it is literally saving people’s lives and telling the public not to take their meds is just scaremongering at its very worst, especially since some of us can be very paranoid and might believe this shit on a bad day.
There’s nothing anywhere on the website explaining why this person or persons have taken it upon themselves to chat shit about antidepressants, but I would be curious to know why anyone would make it their life’s mission to slate medications that save people’s lives. All I can think of is the person lacks insight and doesn’t genuinely believe in mental illness as a real and debilitating thing, and they think they can just imagine away their illness.
Also happy Christmas Eve, if anyone’s feeling shit due to the time of year please please talk to someone.


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2 thoughts on “Dumbass of the week: How Did I End Up Here?”

  1. I clicked over to the site. You are very right about it. I read thru a few stories of the suicide victims.

    They all had a history of attempting suicide before taking any dlantidepressants or before taking the particular drug being blamed for their suicide.

    The parents would say that there was a personality or behavioral change after the drug but….wasn’t the change before the drug when the kid attempted suicide?

    They want to blame someone. They do not want to believe their kid was depressed and suicidal long before any antidepressants were taken.


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