Bunny Update

Banacek’s situation has deteriorated and he’s now at the vet’s as an inpatient, where he will get IV fluids etc etc.
Poor bunny, his stomach was starting to swell like a beach ball. I honestly don’t know how any rabbit owner could miss the signs, he’s been ill for 2 days now and is only now going into full GI stasis. He stopped swallowing his Critical Care about 10am this morning and stopped swallowing electrolyte water at 12pm, although we could still get him to swallow fresh water in very small amounts, syringe feeding him one millilitre at a time. We were lucky to call the vet’s and get an appointment 1/2 hour later. Hopefully our baby bunny will pull through.
Exhausted now, wish I could sleep.
The vet’s calling in 2 hours to tell us how he’s doing.


Author: MsAdventure

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