The Basketcase Diva

Oh, bipolar antics, how we all love thee </sarcasm>. When you next get made to feel like complete shit, I want you to remember that this happened:  At 8am today, I went to the supermarket in my dressing gown.  It has bunny print all over it.  I wasn’t wearing anything under the dressing gown except my knickers.

So next time you feel like a worthless human being, like you’re not good enough to do something or like you can’t face people after what you did, just think of me in my bunny dressing gown wandering round Morrisson’s.  Security were following me around and I had to say ‘this place is classy, providing personal bodyguards for customers.’  I wasn’t really on form, I was a sugar zombie craving my own brains.

I only bought a basketload of cake and cookies. Medication-induced munchies.

I don’t know why, but instead of feeling embarrassed, I’m just vaguely amused and feeling like one of those elderly divas who insist on wearing rouge, pearls and Chanel No. 5 despite the fact that the highlight of their day is answering the door to the postman.  Wow, we have so much in common.  Except that you don’t really see women like that any more.  I guess their time has passed.  That’s kinda poignant.

Wait, no, it’s all good, there’s still Carrie Fisher carrying the torch for basketcase divas everywhere.

Perhaps next time I’ll put my hair in curlers, too.

There was a time, when I lived with my dad, when we both used to dress up in silly outfits and go to the supermarket acting like characters – we’d put on accents, have silly mannerisms… the best one was when we pretended to be Texans looking for some grits in Edinburgh’s ASDA (Wal-Mart).  We asked three different members of staff, it was hilarious.  I was so carefree and un-self-conscious back then, I would have done anything to get a laugh from someone I cared about.  I guess I stopped doing it because my husband doesn’t really laugh at stuff like that.  It’s no fun when it’s not funny.

Although it’s the complete opposite of shopping in a costume/character, going to the store in my bunny dressing gown really reminded me of how I used to be.

This article was resonant today; this dead Italian guy Sebastiano Magnanini really reminded me of myself.  You know what?  It’s really sad that he died at 46, but he lived his life in such an awesome way.  I think I might go to my grave regretting the fact that I never managed to commit an art crime in Europe.

Oh, wait, it’s all good, I had that webcomic for a few years.  That was a crime against art if ever I saw one.  Oh you want the link?  Here knock yourself out – you’re going to want to after you’ve read it. I had this one as well:  It was about vampires and werewolves.  Such things were very popular in 2008.  At one point they were both in the top 100 webcomics and getting 30,000 views a day.  Generally people’s response to Tank Quest was “I don’t get it.”  Having said that, there’s a video game named after it, and I did meet someone who understood my webcomic once. Scary. Still, it’s not quite the same sort of art crime as producing an amazing forgery or heisting the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. Never even been there, that’s how cultured I am. I took one look at the queue and said, ‘meh, let’s go back to Montmartre and have more coffee’ (coffee here meaning actual coffee and also sex), so we did. I even remember the guy’s name. I did get to see the Eiffel tower though. It kinda looks like mis-shapen scaffolding.

I stopped making the webcomic because I didn’t really know where it was going.  Then I wrote a plan to help direct it.  Then I got bored as soon as I knew how it ended. Wow that was a blast from the past, I was making those comics round the same time I was going round ASDA dressed like a ballerina (etc). Connection?


Alcohol party 06 Snow White 2
I don’t know *what* I was doing with my hand. I think I was waiting for a bluebird to perch on it.  That plastic cup is filled with whisky, BTW.  This was 2006. 
K9 Kings Manor Summer 09 party
That K-9 was remote controlled and that scarf and coat were handmade by me.  This was 2009.

Maybe I should change my blog name to basketcase diva…


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    1. Yes you need this in your life! I will write an instructable for it if you want to make one. I have the art and craft skills of a 5 year old and I managed it (I designed it from photos) so you’ll be fine (I failed art at high school, my comics are proof); it’s basically make a K-9 shape out of silver card and attach a small-ish remote control car underneath with string. It can only travel over flat surfaces (I got mine to go on roads though) but that’s the exact same as the real original K-9. The head is the hardest part – my K-9’s head was attached with toilet roll. Sadly my Aunt destroyed my K-9 when she illegally decieved the police and gained entry to my dad’s flat, lied to me about whether she had the keys, then looted it and smashed the rest up. So I don’t have it any more. But they’re real easy to make! I did the calculator computer on his back with a painted chocolate packet.

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    1. I put clothes on before I went to the dump with my excess bin bags this afternoon. On reflection, the blue unicorn print dress was virtually indistinguishable from the teal bunny print dressing gown except of course the dressing gown has a cord so it can fall open at the worst possible moment and reveal all… :O

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  1. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi, I think it’s your computer/device? Common reasons for images to not show are because a) browser cookie settings or b) your cache is full. You could Google these two problems to find out how to solve them. If you read other people’s comments, many of whom are commenting on the pictures in this article, you’ll see why I’m saying that nobody else seems to be having a problem with it.
      Good luck!


      1. How about your coat and scarf that you made? Takes patience and skill. You’re like a Renaissance woman. I think that’s common with us bipolars dontcha fink?

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      2. Now you mention it, there are an awful lot of extremely talented bipolar people out there. I looked up “famous people with bipolar” and the list is about 10 times as long as the “famous people with schizophrenia” list (and I’d only actually heard of Philip K Dick from the schizophrenia list, and he apparently contests his diagnosis), although I disregard any posthumous diagnoses e.g. Marilyn Monroe or Robin Williams (the amount of people who claim those two as bipolar, or borderline, or depressed, or whatever… how could we ever know?) and it’s still a huge list, but perhaps we’re all predisposed to having larger-than-life personalities and they just come out in different ways?

        I guess I see myself more as a dilettante or Jack-of-all-trades (master of none) because I get bored with things before I get any good at them. The scarf was crocheted BTW (I was taught by a friend at uni who also started the scarf off for me), because I cannot knit to save my life lol! Many people have tried and failed to teach me to knit over the years!

        I’m very in awe of people who have one talent that they’re really good at and the persistence to keep doing it. Like pianists or artists.

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      3. I totally get you. I’m very similar to you in terms of getting bored and misplacing motivation, I can’t seem to stick with one thing for very long, hence not being able to keep a job.

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      4. Me too! My last one lasted 3 weeks (well, plus 2 months off sick due to pregnancy so technically I’m still employed by them for 2 more days until my doctor’s note runs out). I wish any of the traditional careers advice was even vaguely useful for this particular issue.

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      5. I saw my shrink yesterday and he said that if I wanted to go back to work or start my own small business that I must assess – on my own – what my strengths are. He said he’s sent about 20 patients to have a very thorough skills assessment and none of them followed the recommendations. They just did whatever the fuck they wanted anyway. Sounds about right. We listen to advice all glossy-eyed and continue doing it our way.
        I like the idea of honestly assessing my own strengths. That’s something I can do. The next step is figuring out how to apply them.
        He said I failed in previous jobs because I chose jobs that highlighted my weaknesses as opposed to what I do really well.

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      6. Wow are you going to do the skills assessment? I’ve done some of the computerized ones in the past for recruitment agencies and honestly they give me different results depending what mood I’m in. Curiously, professional figure skater never comes up even though it was by far my best fitting career. I don’t think they include it in lists because jobs are so few and far between and the nearest ice rink’s 50 miles away. It sounds like your psychiatrist has some pretty good insights. Knowing what you’re bad at is half the battle though right?


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