Infographic about bipolar disorder.

I have been asked by healthline to post an infographic about Bipolar Disorder so here it is:

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Infographic — Healthline

I decided to post it because I felt like they came across as neutral – they weren’t saying “hey kids, everyone with bipolar disorder can lead a happy shiny life by finding the right meds, so if you’re not, that’s your own fault” and at the same time they weren’t saying “you’re doomed, you’re going to fail at everything you do and never be happy again.” It’s a simplification, but then anything like this always will be, given the nature and complexity of bipolar disorder.  I would feel comfortable using the above infographic to educate my family about bipolar disorder (y’know, if my family wasn’t comprised of dead people).
What do you think? Does it reflect your experience of bipolar disorder?


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