Bunny climbs stairs for first time, gets stuck at top

Remember how on Friday I said I was in the middle of editing some footage of our tiny new bunny Timmy?  Well for one of those videos, I filmed him climbing stairs for the first time in his life, including the part where he got stuck at the top.  Timmy is a bunny mountaineer and he tackled Mount Staircase all on his own!  He is so adorable you have to see:

If you want the link to share, it’s here:
So much cute!!


In other news, I’m supposed to be going to London for a workshop at RADA tonight and I’m looking for every reason not to go – so far I’ve had car trouble (true dat), the fact that the rabbits shouldn’t be left on their own in the house all day (also true), and money worries (natch)… but I think underneath it all, I’m just scared that I won’t be good enough or that I’ll embarrass myself in front of important people – this workshop is being run by the comedy choreographer who used to choreograph Stephen Fry’s sketches back when Mr. Fry did funnies.  I’ve been looking forward to it for ages.  Getting a place on this course was such a triumph.  And now it’s here… I’m just terrified that I’m going to do something wrong or that they’re going to tell me to leave because I’m not a “proper” actor.  I can feel a huge anxiety attack coming on and I don’t know what to do to head it off.  Why does this stupid problem get in the way of me doing *everything* ever?



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    1. I thought so too but he keeps managing to take it off somehow! I keep finding him either naked or with his paws and head all tangled in the same armhole so I’ve given up on making him wear it. He’s spending his first night out of his hutch tonight because Cleo saved half of her carrots for him last night and tried to chew her way into the kitchen to see him. They are the cutest couple (when he stays still long enough to be with her).

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