Weekly Photography Challenge: State of Mind

Dun Troddan, a broch in Glenelg, Scotland.

This week’s photography challenge was a real challenge for me. The topic was State of Mind. As my regular readers know, I have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to identify what I’m feeling and why. This can make it difficult to express my responses to things because my status quo is to not really feel anything until a long time after the event (but when I get emotionally de-regulated, for example by grief, I have so many feelings that I don’t know what to do with them all).  So I have probably spent more time trying to find a picture for this challenge than any other.

I chose this picture because I often feel like I am in possession of this great and ancient amazing structure, this human brain, which has so many possibilities (and there’s so many ways to get it to bluescreen when you have PTSD and bipolar disorder) and hidden features that it’s like excavating an ancient site that no-one’s really heard of. Sometimes my brain does weird stuff and I have to spend ages figuring out why it did that, how did that response get elicited, and other times it’s just happy to chug along at 5% of its full capacity, keeping house while someone else does the important stuff. Sometimes all it can do is absorb input (when I’m learning everything I can), other times it can’t absorb anything until it’s broadcast all the stuff it’s accumulated (when all I can do is create). I’m still figuring it all out; I think we all are. My state of mind is an evolutionary and environmental enigma. So I decided to illustrate it with another enigma. This is Dun Troddan, one of the Brochs of Scotland, mysterious towers, thousands of years old, built predominantly in the north of Scotland by mysterious methods, in varying states of preservation:

Dun Troddan, a broch in Glenelg, Scotland.
Dun Troddan, Glenelg, Scotland. The horizon was difficult to gauge in the Highlands where everything is on a slope, but when I look at the picture as a whole, I am pretty sure it’s actually straight (see the fence posts in the foreground). What do you think?

And here’s a bonus picture of the back of the broch, showing some of its construction:

Dun Troddan, Glenelg, Scotland
I’m not very happy with this photo – it seems a bit flat.  I think the depth of field could have been better. 

If you’d like to know more about Brochs, I’ve made a 3 minute video about them, focussing on Tappoch Broch in Torwood (near Falkirk), and explaining some of the archaeology (I have a degree in archaeology but I’m by no means an expert on brochs) which you can see here.


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: State of Mind”

  1. Maybe I could turn one of these into a home, build a moat around it. R is afraid of heights so he’d stay away. My mom can’t navigate steps, my stepmonster would die trying to wrestle the gators in the moat…
    I am morbid, I know.

    Lovely picture in all seriousness. Just had to be well…me.

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    1. Heh, this broch was the ultimate in hard-to-get-to, it took us 6 hours of driving from Fort William and most of it was single track roads; it was part of a pair, though – there was one about half a mile away that was up a 15 foot hill with better preservation (I stupidly decided to video instead of photograph the second one, and managed to leave the sound turned off, so I even more stupidly deleted all the video of it when I got home and realized there was no sound, having forgotten that I didn’t take any photos).

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    1. Yes! Dun Troddan and Dun Telve were absolutely well worth the day of driving from Ft William. I really want to see Dun Carloway, but I didn’t get time last year 😦 I want to see the one on Shetland at Mousa – apparently that’s the very best one (when I ever get round to going to Shetland).

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