Mohican? Snowhican! Mohawk? Glowhawk!

Mohican hair tutorial in the snow. Punk.

This is a hair tutorial to get a mohican, or how to get a mohawk if you live in the US (but as I said before, the UK invented punk so it really should be called the mohican).

Snowhican? Glowhican? Snowhawk? Glowhawk? Remember my glow in the dark braids tutorial, when I said I was going to do a glow in the dark mohican? Well it’s here, the moment you’ve probably not been waiting for but only because you didn’t know how awesome this video was going to be!

It’s all singing, all dancing, punk rock snow day extravaganza in under 6 minutes showing you how to get a glow in the dark mohican… only I decided that since it was snowing, I would record this hair tutorial outside in the snow, because why not?

Punk snow. Mohican hair tutorial in the snow. Punk.
Punk snowhican.

Well actually it turns out there’s a few reasons but this video came out great and I had great fun making it in the snow which is the main thing.

At the end of the vid there’s some photos of the David Bowie themed rainbow make-up look that I did to go with this mohican hairdo, and it involves blue lipstick, so you’ve got to look out for that next week – it is going to be awesome.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone made a punk version of Let It Go from Frozen??

For the first time ever, I’ve uploaded some of my own music to Youtube – all the music on this video was recorded by me (words obviously belong to their respective owners) in a genre I would like to call “ukulele punk.” It’s very DIY, because that’s the point. The punk rendition of Let It Go was devised specifically for this video.

 If you want one all around your head just do the same thing all the way round your head.  I was happy with a top-mohican because I like being able to lean my head against the back of chairs when I sit down.

Here ya go:


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8 thoughts on “Mohican? Snowhican! Mohawk? Glowhawk!”

  1. Lol, sure looks like bikini weather!! Love the snowhican. The video made me smile. So odd that we both posted videos of us singing today. Mine is not as happy as yours. Love the music too 🙂

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      1. Yay! Good news. I watched that documentary on postpartum psychosis btw and it was very well done. I love that shrink, he’s so soft-spoken and gentle yet firm in his assessments. Broke my heart seeing the one with two children (I forget her name) and all the time she spent away from them.
        Thanks so much for recommending it. It was brilliant.

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      2. Thanks. That was really sad wasn’t it? Although she seemed to be a lot more stable at the end. I was really rooting for her. I wish I had a psychiatrist like that – he was really grounded and level-headed. The way he reasoned with them both without making them feel stupid was amazing. It was made very sensitively and I learned a lot to help me identify what phase I’m in better. I’m glad you thought it was good 🙂

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