A Dream

This might not make sense if you missed my last post. It might not make sense anyway.

Last night I had a dream that aliens had installed themselves in my city, they looked exactly like humans but you could tell they were aliens because they asked weird questions and behaved strangely.  Those of us who weren’t aliens were working really hard to find a way to get rid of them without them knowing.  There were hundreds of us, but they were just picking us off.

We thought we’d found a way but we couldn’t get the item we needed.  We went to the outskirts of my city to a big tower (that doesn’t exist IRL) where we needed to find the pieces of this wand that had been hidden by a wizard.  As we were searching, however, we suddenly heard the sound of hundreds of vehicles, so we went down to the street to see what was happening.  Thousands upon thousands of humans converted into aliens were marching towards the city, bringing with them vehicles and helicopters.  Every time they reached a side road, some of them went that way, to ensure none of us got away.  We faced them down, those of us who were left, there were still hundreds of us but the aliens kept catching us out by converting people we knew, people in our group, into aliens.  We didn’t know how they were doing it.  Linking arms, we stood to make a barrier across the road, but they sent in these jumping lorries (trucks) which leapt over the front of the line (where I was) and landed on the people behind, it just kept jumping and squishing people and we knew we were running out of time.

I ran to the tower with a couple of people because our leader said this was the only chance we’d have to finish the search, but three alien thralls followed us, big strong men we couldn’t fight, and eventually we had to distract them to get rid of them, by throwing a tennis ball back down the stairs and telling them to fetch, but we couldn’t get the trapdoors in the spiral staircase around the tower to work so we couldn’t get to the top.

Then, I was in a hospital waiting room and the doctor said, “we’ve got your results, it’s just a piece of broccoli stuck in your breast.  It’s not cancer, it’s just broccoli.  Have you been eating too many broccolis?  It will grow into a tree now and we can’t get it out.”

Then I woke up.  The rib under the lump in my boob was painful again.  I think the alien invasion was my brain trying to visualize the possibility that this might be breast cancer.  I have no idea why broccoli.

Had any weird dreams lately?


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2 thoughts on “A Dream”

  1. I have weird dreams pretty much every night but nothing as memorable or well, real-ish, than the one where I was sinking to the bottom of the ocean on the “not but like” Titanic. Even in my dream my family didn’t like me and even in dream, my will to live trumped all else.
    I don’t need to wonder what that means.
    I had a sex dream the other night, too. No mystery there, either 😉
    Maybe we should invest in one of those “meaning of dreams” books and do bizarre and random posts about our dreams and the interpretation?

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    1. Heh I just threw one of those books out that someone got me for xmas a few years ago. I figured I’d left it on the bookshelf long enough. Maybe we should *write* one of those books with the most ludicrous interpretations we can come up with. “An apple in your dreams represents getting a new opportunity to work as a unicorn at a circus in space. But if it is a red apple, you will lose your circus TO a unicorn FROM space… You will remember that Jesus dreamed of fifty unicorns smoking cigars and dancing the conga before he was crucified. This has nothing to do with apples but we needed a fake biblical reference to make this shit look legit.”


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