Medical Results.

They poked and prodded. They rolled and squeezed my boobs between the cold hand of the NHS, they smeared gel over them. They even drew on them with a felt tip pen. Apparently, it’s not cancerous, so they sent me back to my GP.  What  they didn’t do was a) mammogram b) biopsy c) MRI scan to check what was going on in my boob.

I’m not convinced, given that they did neither a mammogram nor a biopsy nor an MRI. Here’s what happened:
Doctor (that I was referred to by my usual doctor): “There’s definitely an unusual lump there. Are your periods regular?”
Me: “Well, I was pregnant until December so they haven’t settled down yet.”
Doctor: “So you have just the one child or more?”
Me: “I don’t have any children.” (no interest in wasting stranger’s time explaining something unimportant to the task at hand, or explaining myself to them)
…….long passive aggressive silence while doctor decides what to make of that.
Doctor’s tone and demeanor changes.
Doctor: “I’ll put you in for an ultrasound but I think it’s normal.”

Ultrasound lady: “I can’t find the lump. They don’t always show up on ultrasound especially at your age because the tissue is quite tight. I’m going to send these results back to the doctor who just saw you, she will decide how she wants to proceed.”

Same Doctor as Before: “Ultrasound showed everything’s fine, you can go home, it’s just normal breast tissue.”

Me (thinking, “well it was normal breast tissue for the last 28 years why do I suddenly have a lump?  And why is that totally NOT what ultrasound lady said?” but too flabbergasted to actually say this). “Um… right.”


So I went straight back to my GP and she was shocked but said since it’s become painful over the last week, it could be an infection in a blocked milk duct, so she’s given me a prescription for antibiotics. 4 times a day. Because if it’s an infection it’s now gone on for a very long time. She actually couldn’t believe they sent me home like that and she’s referred me to a genetic clinic.

If the antibiotics don’t get rid of it, I’m camping out at my doctor’s surgery until they properly look into this. There are so many horror stories of this happening to women my age due to our public healthcare system in the UK (seriously, google “breast lump didn’t show up on ultrasound” or “breast lump didn’t show up on mammogram” to see), and those same women then end up with much more advanced cancer than they would have had otherwise. I’m not reassured in the slightest.  The GP says if it doesn’t go away she’ll look into a re-referral.  Great, I can see angry fundamentalist cancer doctor again.  I just wanted to scream at the cancer doctor, “It’s not my fucking fault I couldn’t stay pregnant.”

So today I had to bankrupt myself to pay for the prescriptions between the ones they gave me from the allergy department last week and the one I’ve just had to get, and I’m a little bit miffed about this when I consider how much money I’ve had to spend on petrol and the fact that my husband had to take yesterday afternoon off work to come to the hospital and he has a job interview today.  And all the stress this has caused us.  Who the hell needs this crap?

Oh, and since I’m ranting, our neighbors decided 12:30 in the morning was a good time to start playing very loud banging music for several hours.  Y’know, when my husband has a job interview at 8:30 this morning.


I’m in two minds about whether to go round and speak to them or not.  Given the fact this has now been going on for 3 years, I’m thinking it’s not worth bothering.


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8 thoughts on “Medical Results.”

  1. Crap doctors aren’t exclusive to my state, let alone country. Good to know. I think you should be super vigilant for your own peace of mind, you know your family history.

    As for neighbors…Few years back I had these losers that had dogs barking at 1 a.m., they had cookouts blaring country music at all hours AND they built their dog pen around my electric meter so the reader couldn’t get near to read it thus giving me an outrageous “guesstimate.” I complained to the landlord over and over, nothing changed.
    When they fin ally cut and run in the middle of the night, I was so relieved. Especially after a 5 a.m. DEA raid the week before looking for some jackass friend of theirs.
    Couple of weeks later the older guy that lived there…was in the paper’s police blotter. He raped a 12 year old girl and got her pregnant. And this was living next to my child’s bedroom window two years. Not unusual, guy who lived there before them was also on the sex offender registry.
    Neighbors from hell, ugh. Talking makes it worse is the suckiest part cos you can’t reason with stupid.

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    1. Wow that’s some really shit neighbors. We know ours are dealing drugs but the police don’t want to know. They don’t investigate drugs in this country unless someone dies. I sort of made everything worse a couple of weeks ago – they were throwing chairs at the wall that attaches their house to mine (sounded like chairs anyway) and I just screamed “OIIII SHUT THE FUCK UP!” at the top of my voice, it’s been 10x worse than before ever since. I’ve taken to leaving Leftfield and Delirium on permanent loop by the wall for the sake of inane repetitive noise that I can at least control. Trouble is, that sort of music always drags up The Light Show In My Brain then I get nothing done. I keep fantasizing about throwing a brick through their window but I keep telling myself it’d be a waste of a good brick.

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      1. A neighbor I had in the 90’s liked to have her teeny bopper drinking parties outside…I mean, outside my bedroom window, so sleep was impossible. I started blasting Skid Row’s “Get The Fuck Out.” She got the hint after a couple of times.
        I’m a troll like that. Noise is just a trigger.

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  2. I do that too – the whole shell-shocked “okay and walk away” response. And then I get angry and sometimes channel the anger to get the results I need – when it’s something that’s gotta get done. I feel the urgency in your words and I wanna say ditto to Blah’s comment. Be well my friend xx

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    1. Long time no see! And yes, I am terrified of “causing a scene” sometimes to my own detriment. I’m sure this is the root cause of any and all of my anxiety. Also, thank you. 🙂

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