A Japanese Commercial for… Donald Trump???

So I didn’t have a full article or anything, I just wanted to share this thing about Donald Trump with y’all because it’s So. Damn. Funny.

We are facing a similar situation in the UK right now.  For those of you who don’t know, the UK is facing a referendum where we get to vote to stay or leave the EU.  This is AS big of a deal as the prospect of ending up with Donald Trump as president.  And I genuinely don’t know which way I’m voting yet.  If there was just a box saying “deport my neighbors and we’re good EU, m’kay?” I’d tick that one.  I’d like a nice asylum seeking family, keen to learn English and excited to be here, instead of the mafioso drug dealers who play banging tunes til 3am on any given night except Saturdays (on Saturdays they clean their BMW then presumably drive it round our estate like it’s an ice cream van for the downwardly mobile).  It’s twats like that which drive people to vote for scary radical people like Donald Trump.  But then, an MP (our version of senators) got killed yesterday by someone who wants us to leave the EU.  Or orchestrated to look that way, it’s impossible to tell in the UK.  I don’t know what to make of it all, but I’m worried there will be large scale rioting if the referendum decides we stay in the EU.  This pretty much sums up my thoughts on it all, although I’m pretty sure I’ll vote remain because there are a lot of advantages to being in the EU:

Also I discovered Meryn Cadell yesterday courtesy of Diplomatic Kid and if you are unfamiliar with his work you definitely need to check it out.  This is a song called “The Sweater” Meryn is a legit LGBT icon.  Speaking of which, it is York pride tomorrow so I might actually make my first Gay Pride march:



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2 thoughts on “A Japanese Commercial for… Donald Trump???”

  1. I’ve never tripped acid or shrooms but that Trump commercial must be a decent facsimile cos my brain hurts. Trump’s bad enough. Shrill boppy music and bright colors, argghhhh, brain bleeding….

    The Japanese could put a shiny happy spin on anything. Used panty vending machines. Need I say more?

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    1. I never understood that, I mean, do you put panties in the top and money comes out the bottom where you’d usually get a can of sprite or something??????? Do they have hundreds of Japanese women sitting in factories wearing the panties for an hour then changing to a different pair to keep up with demand??? I just never got that one.


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