So I was writing a post for Monday morning talking about how I’ve been hit in the face with depression when I actually worked out what caused it, it lifted… I never finished the post but my house is a bit cleaner.  I even cleaned the mold off the upstairs windows.  I’ve got so much more to do on that front (literally, I have a list of 65 things that need doing, excluding dailies like laundry, I feel like that kid from home alone), but I made a good start today and I feel better for it.

home alone housework cleaning

Now if I can just get my house clean before school ends… I might stand a chance of enjoying more of the holiday this year.  Sometimes I feel like being a grown up is 80% being the kid out of Home Alone and 20% being screwed over by grumpy people who charge you for drinking their water even though you can’t pay them.  Damn you Starbucks!

I will write a nice beauty post once I can actually afford to buy s’more cosmetics, which will be when I’m not so overdrawn that I can’t actually buy petrol.   I’ve probably got to sell or scrap my car this month because I still can’t afford its MoT (annual government inspection) or to fix its windscreen.  Who’s going to buy a car with a cracked windscreen and no MoT???


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