Fun Day At The Office (Not)…

I’m taking the rabbits to the vets tomorrow in the pushchair I modified for them for our wedding. I’ve just sold my beautiful car for £240.  I won’t be able to afford a new one for a while.
I took a carload of stuff to the tip earlier today to make it easier whenever we emigrate.
And apparently my latest book is on hold until I find out categorically whether or not it can have (plot critical) dinosaurs in it.  Early indications suggest not.  Stalled, at 70,000 words.

Le sigh.  I currently feel like the Von Trapp family, only no-ones letting me on the stage to do the musical number and the Nazis are getting closer with every minute.  I feel like I have no choice but to keep my blog going, keep being bright and cheery, keep writing random beauty articles, and keep writing my books, as if there’s nothing wrong, whilst outside in the big wide world people are like “your last name is foreign, why are you in my country?” and inside I’m flipping between male and female like nobody’s business and at home I’m trying desperately to work out how to get my 5 rabbits out of the country before someone legislates that I can’t own property or something else ridiculous.  Think this vote thingy was nothing to worry about?  Try having a Polish last name in England right now.  Work’s mysteriously dried up, when last week I was being inundated with calls and emails about “the busiest time of year.”  On the plus side my most recent book has now almost sold 500 copies (490 as of two days ago, sorry I can’t link it from here it’s strictly NSFW, email me if you want to know, good job I use a pen name and it’s mostly marketed in the USA), and the guy who bought my car has just come back to return the sunglasses I left in the door.  Which is good because I broke 2 pairs of sunglasses this week and only have that pair left.

The depression and PTSD keep rearing their ugly heads, and today I lost the fight with them again, resulting in them trying to convince me I had PMS cramps, failing, then choosing to attack me with a painkiller-resistant migraine.  I spent 6 hours writing an email today.  Srsly WTF.


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8 thoughts on “Fun Day At The Office (Not)…”

    1. Thanks, don’t think any of it’s going to be right until I can get out of Britain, and that’s gonna take about a year cos we have a house to sell, but at least my husband now also wants to leave. I just need an English speaking nation with loose(ish) immi laws and a fine tradition of winter sports. So…. Canada then. Or possibly New Zealand.


  1. Stop being so cheerful, it will decrease you stress level immensely. REALLY. It’s okay to be a lowly human who has not cheerful days and says so.

    Good luck with the bunny situation, I know they are your heart, gotta protect that.

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    1. Ha, but if I stop being so cheerful, I’ll start spending 16 hours in bed again, and right now I need to keep momentum on the escape plan (and not give the authorities any reason to shut me down – I know some quite prominent UK BDSM bloggers whose websites have vanished in the past week, this shit is scary). 😦 Have you ever been to Canada? I know your sperm donor’s from there, any idea whether it’s actually an ok place to live (apart from him)? I’m asking everyone atm. I’d move to New York (state) in a heartbeat if I was eligible for any sort of US non-tourist visa.

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      1. Jill at My Splanglish Familia lives in Canada, you could ask her. Everyone I’ve talk to who lives/lived there says it’s awesome. Come next year, regardless who wins the election, I think I may be taking my kid to see her “homeland” to escape this shit hole country.

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      2. Thanks, it’s funny you should mention Jill I asked her about Canada yrsterday too lol… looking forward to a reply. Yes, lets escape to Canada and revel in the carnage at the hockey games!


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