So impatient.

Waiting for my passport to come back – the supporting documents turned up today but my passport has not, despite the fact the passport office sent me a text message on Tuesday saying I’d receive my new passport soon, so I informed the tax office already.  It’s worrying because they’ve sent my deed poll back, so I hope they’ve accepted it as evidence of my name change, but until the passport turns up I’m not going to feel confident on that front.  I can’t apply to Canadian immigration until I get that new passport number.  Waiting for my book contract for the book that’s supposed to be released this weekend. It was supposed to turn up yesterday but did not.  And, of course, waiting to hear back about my Master’s degree application.

I hate waiting.  I can’t settle to anything right now.

It doesn’t help that someone tried to rob us last night and I was zonked out on Seroquel and couldn’t manage to open the handle to the window to get it open.  I knew that part of how it worked was to repress my PTSD-induced startle reaction, but now I need to reassess how safe it is to take it if it’s preventing me from reacting to actual danger.

Waiting for the Seroquel to wear off so I can get some writing done.  It stops me making connections.


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4 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. Seroquel, when awakened, always reminded me of what it was like coming from the dentist with my mouth all numbed up. I knew how to eat, drink, chew, etc, but my ability to do any of it felt like it was filtered through ten layers of mesh. Might be why you had trouble with the window. I say when a med interferes with basic function and self defense, it’s more for a clinical setting where others can help. If you are left that vulnerable at home- it’s as scary as unmedicated bipolar.

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    1. You’re exactly right and I have never had this problem with other stuff I’ve taken to get to sleep, I haven’t tried much in the way of Rx meds though. It just beggars belief that people are supposed to just be out there in the world, wandering around, responsible for things, on this stuff.

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      1. It’s definitely very hit and miss. I mean, I always start taking it, then when I get any weird effects, I stop taking it for a few days, when I start again I can guarantee I will have a completely different set of side effects. It’s happened every single time I take it. Sometimes it stops working and conspires to keep me awake, and makes me really thirsty, I stop again, then when I start it makes me pee more or something equally sexy.

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