I’m going (back) to university!


I got offered the MSc I wanted this morning.

I applied for the new Postgraduate Student Loan at once, and am sending the paperwork to Student Loans this afternoon had a massive panic attack and missed the post office by 8 minutes. I tried chasing it down the street but you know how they refuse to stop once they’re on the move.

This is huge, and I know nobody else probably thinks so, but it’s the actual biggest thing ever. I always wanted to do a master’s degree, and for the last 7 years I mostly thought it was out of my reach and that I would never actually get to do the thing I wanted to do, and anyway, I was never really sure until now what I could actually contribute to academia. I guess if I hadn’t taken the roundabout way to get here, I wouldn’t have the same skills and ideas to bring to it all, and I’m glad everything’s finally falling into place, but still… I have to wonder how much further ahead in life I’d be if I hadn’t missed so many milestones as a child (thanks, Dead Parents), leading to my chronic low confidence, and more recently, if I hadn’t been forced to take several honking great detours away from what I wanted to do. Thanks, bipolar disorder, the door’s over there.


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