Bionsen Roll-On Deodorant

Today I wanted to review the Bionsen deodorant. What’s special about it? It’s aluminium free. Most deodorants contain aluminium as the anti-perspirant (and most deodorants are combined anti-perspirant and deodorant). I don’t usually worry about ingredients in products, because you reach a certain age when you realize that all the people older than you, who use all these products, are still alive and their arms/legs/faces haven’t fallen off yet. However, buildup of aluminium can cause brain damage and while the miniscule amount in your deodorant can’t do that in one day, it has the ability to contribute to losing your marbles and I need all the marbles I can get, since I have a pre-existing mental health condition (two, actually). It’s the same reason I won’t buy aluminium cookware if I can avoid it. It’s like people with asthma tend to avoid air fresheners, not because they’re going to kill them, but it simply makes life more pleasant if they can stay away.

So anyway.

Bionsen deodorant was also alcohol-free, and I have a bit of a bugbear about alcohol in cosmetics (especially skincare cosmetics) because it dries your skin out and kills cells, both of which can lead to premature ageing. That’s why it’s a bad idea to spray perfume on your bare chest/cleavage. I don’t go massively out of my way to avoid alcohol in cosmetics, since I’m not averse to drinking it, which is probably worse, but I always get excited when I find something that is alcohol free.

Bionsen is a Japanese brand and it looks like a good fit for those of us who want an Al-free deodorant. It was a bit more expensive than my usual brand, but I thought it would be worth it if it did a good job.

Bionsen roll-on deodorant.
Bionsen roll-on deodorant.


It smells nice in the roll-on and when you first apply it.
It is aluminium free and alcohol free.
It didn’t stain my clothing.


It only lasted a few hours.
It doesn’t have an anti-perspirant so you still get wet patches.


I wear this occasionally when I’m not going anywhere, but it’s very annoying when I’ve showered in the morning, to get to lunchtime and have whiffy pits. I don’t really want to have to re-apply my deodorant every few hours, time’s moved on since the days when women had to drag around an entire drugstore of products so she could spend hours in the bathroom “powdering her nose” or touching up her make-up, and I feel like this deodorant was a step backwards. I don’t have the room in my handbag for carrying around my deodorant along with everything else in there, and I don’t think this deodorant was a fantastic purchase for that reason. I do still use it on lazy days when I am just popping to the supermarket and only need it to last that long before my next shower, but it hasn’t become a permanent fixture in my life and after a month of trying to make this work, I caved and bought a cheap deodorant spray for everyday use. I really wanted this to be my perfect deodorant, it looked like it was going to, but I find I actually smell less in the afternoon if I just don’t use deodorant so it’s only a short term fix to use the Bionsen.

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What do you think? Tried any good deodorants lately? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Only one that’s ever done much good for me is Secret Platinum (I am an excess sweater so I need uber strength.) It has aluminum but it kept me dry for a good ten hours and no reek.
    I’d just like a pill to stop me from sweating so much I need this feature and just let me smell pretty 🙂

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