I wish I was a betting person

Can you imagine how much money some people have won by betting on Trump in this election? The odds were stacked against him in betting shops. Or think of how much people must have made from betting on Brexit? Or on a whole plethora of other unlikely but suddenly very real events this year?

You know what I admire about America? You guys support your team to the bitter end. If Clinton had lost in the UK, her party would have already turned on her, hung her out to dry and found their Next Big Thing for the opposition leader. I mean, look what recently happened to Jeremy Corbyn, or David Cameron. Whereas in America, all I’m hearing from her side is that she’s not done with politics yet. You guys are very loyal towards the people and institutions you believe in, and beyond the idea of whether this election was a mistake or whether it was the greatest thing ever (neither of which are very good middle grounds haha), I admire that. After all, I’m not a political analyst or an American citizen, and I have no idea who would have made a better president; what matters is that you all voted and that your majority was much clearer than the UK’s was for the Brexit vote.


Author: MsAdventure

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