All aboard the medi-go-round*!

Okay, bipolar peeps; hit me up. How bad/good is olanzapine (Zyprexa)? I could finally afford to see my psych again and she is moving me onto olanzapine because the quetiapine (Seroquel)’s side effects are outweighing the benefits and she thinks it will be more stabilizing longer-term. She’s also recommending sertraline (Zoloft) for that anxiety/depression I haven’t been able to shake since August. Has anyone tried these either separately or together? What were they like? I’m mostly worried about the sedating effect which she says should be improved compared to the quetiapine (oh my God I could stand to be less sedated atm).

I’m not sure I’m in love with the idea of taking a combination of things, but at this point I’ll take whatever works!

*medi-go-round coined by Morgueticia.


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  1. All these meds are such a roll of the dice. I have never tried Zyprexa so I won’t presume to speak about that. But, Zoloft was what they put me on after my kid was born and eight months of it, I was depressed still and suicidal and the doctor wouldn’t change it.
    At the same time, my sister took Zoloft and found it was the ONLY med that actually helped her.
    Roll of the dice.
    Do your own research, know what you *could* be facing, how you *could* be benefiting, and follow your doc’s advice and your gut feeling. We never know what will work til we try, right?
    Much luck to you!

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    1. Thanks, that’s good to know it helped your sister even though it’s shitty that it didn’t help you. You’re right, they’re totally variable. I had better experiences on Quetiapine than most people I know, right until it started going wrong. If I can just find something that keeps the toaster out of the bath I’ll be happy at this point.


  2. Really sucks to hear quetiapine isn’t working out for you. It’s been my saviour, although the sedation side-effects can be really disabling, which the extended-release formulation alleviated to some degree, but it’s still pretty bad. I found it far better for controlling the hypomanic episodes than the depressive episodes, but maybe that’s just because my depressions are heavier than the manias.

    I personally turned down olanzapine. It can combine with other meds well, particularly fluoxetine and sertraline, but yeah. Everyone I know who went on it gained a tremendous amount of weight and hated it. One of my friends recently switched to aripiprazole (“Abilify”) and is finding it far better. Longer ago, another friend switched to lamotrigine (“Lamictal”) and also found that much better, although there can be lethal side-effects early on in 10% of patients. I’d personally ask your doctor/psychiatrist as they’ll have a general record of the medications, as well what’s appropriate for your general medical history, but yeah, that’s what I can offer. Good luck with all this! Hope you find one that works soon *hugs*

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    1. Thanks for your perspective! I loved my quetiapine until it started making my muscles randomly twitch all the time, and disturbing my sleep and attention span, and putting me off food completely, after 12 months of only mild problems. It’s great to just hear other people’s experiences right now! My psychiatrist is the one who suggested putting me on olanzapine. Weight gain is not an issue for me as I’m currently clinically underweight, but if it gets bad I’ll have to change to something else. Any idea how long the weight gain took?


      1. Varies by person but this friend went from 64kg to 115kg in the course of a month while under section, which must be somewhat extreme. The others generally gained about 5-20kg on average. If you’re underweight, hopefully it balances out well with you! 🙂

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