An Impossible Visa Choice

So, my husband got offered a job in Asia which is well paid, stable, and dependable, in a country I didn’t 150% want to go to (hence I won’t name and shame) but overall it sounded like a good opportunity, and I can go over on a spouse visa. The downside? I will have no job when I get there and, because of the specific country, limited employment options. Until this evening, it was still looking like a good choice because I can continue writing my books from anywhere in the world, although this country’s internet is intermittent and heavily censored.

Then, last night, I got an email telling me I’ve been selected to apply for my Canadian 2-year visa (you apply to a pool of candidates for the Working Holiday Visa, then if they pick you, you apply for the actual visa and get it straight away). BUT I have to apply for it within the next 8 days, or I don’t get it. BUT I have to get a police certificate to apply for this visa, and it takes 10 days to get the normal one, or 2 days (for twice the cost), not to mention all the other requirements for this visa, so I have to move fast. If it had come through in July-October, it would maybe be useful, but you can’t be self-employed on this visa, so I would basically have to stop writing and blogging for 2 years. And be away from my husband that whole time. And figure out how to support myself when I’ve basically been paying my way with my writing and blogging for a while. But, it’s Canada! If this had happened 7 years ago I would have been so excited and gone to do it straight away but now? After everything that’s happened the past few years, and with the option of being able to stay with my husband if I go to this other country? I just don’t know. Part of me thinks that if I want to go to Canada, I should just go on a tourist visa instead, now, or do the proper immigration thing, because 2 years of living in Canada but being unable to write… will that help me move to Canada as a writer in the future? I don’t know, it might.  It depends if they value CANADA experience at higher than WRITING experience for the writing immigration application. Oh, and I’d have to lose 3 months of my visa or quit my Master’s degree as it doesn’t finish until August. But, it’s Canada!!!



Author: MsAdventure

I am a twentysomething travel, photography and beauty blogger who occasionally writes about other topics. Within travel, I tend to write mostly about Europe because all the other travel bloggers seem to write about South East Asia. As a writer, I have written articles that are published in Offbeat Bride and on Buzzfeed, and as a photographer, I have taken photographs that are published in local and national news outlets in the UK. I have a blog at

2 thoughts on “An Impossible Visa Choice”

  1. i read your most recent blog entry and then i was inspired to take this shot and put it up on my instagram. back in the day i moved to asia and had the time of my life there, but canada is so beautiful too! all the best with your decision and i look forward to reading about your adventures.

    [image: KAA0c0jqEOJz8G7tk17ci8L_IdbfdNXotvHubqVk_PRQ3sZ18cnXCxK5oFDjO6hMddc9N18S3K02Wjkr14wCwnIuAjHejvYBA6FKV5_pJSD5wuZz0dUuEPBM7zmcjuSuAYzyQx7XeB5IbSNhE-A0vwm4BOjbG5pXw1GdaKdGNK-DFiqdP5IFlxJ3brrDqIf2EAYKQudC8Ut2HHIg1PrXfOJFO-sxR_qnfa1MQpzPnChyscy7b9oUeNfOxYYiVD8VPRrvo8KQZH1X95XImLJCqvHFe4bAHP4pyY-GSiHkvF5RKPzVsmT59rq9F1rwSSk935HLXGr683sZI7QGApsUAkhE0N5eO07ylI9MTxYH7Zpe7fZ5VFKWShJMU-CXxOSbKK2mdTcl8vS7pUulG9XNoyvQVTW8yB1_KSCKj6fyMIFWxFbDoWxoC5-VAPc3hrR6LYn9eTawsIgqqeME_bmt1uBVNp33jdKkWSRaELaHD4FBL9qqlO_AyWzhA2XOy78Ctp4rCfma2MPt9HQpi2lmqG4i-Qzg6aJIQz_OrO0jpOeXM9qoTORtaCOfo3VGKPAXSizoU1xtZDoVaJV-MC0PiIznfz_67QZTWqcGwaVjUYQ4bY_M9GCm=w914-h1624-no.jpg]

    On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 5:46 AM, Invoke Delight and Inspire wrote:

    > MsAdventure posted: “So, my husband got offered a job in Asia which is > well paid, stable, and dependable, in a country I didn’t 150% want to go to > (hence I won’t name and shame) but overall it sounded like a good > opportunity, and I can go over on a spouse visa. The downside? ” >

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    1. Thanks! I think I’m going to go for Asia anyway, and stay in the same place as my husband, because I would miss him SO MUCH if I move to Canada alone, and our ultimate goal is to permanently move to Canada together, so I figure I’ll have plenty of time for Canada in 3-4 years when we move there permanently (unless life takes us somewhere else)! I do love all things Canadian though, so it would be lovely to go there early… if only he could come too!


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