Reasons not to start a blog

I’m going full-on sweary opinionated bitch for this post, because you know I like to tell it like it is.

I just want to throw my hands up in the air and give up sometimes, because every month the Internet gets filled up with more crap.  To be honest, I have stopped reading other people’s blogs for the most part, not because I don’t want to (I really, really love some blogs and feel sad that I’m missing their posts), but because I don’t have time due to my master’s degree (I’m hoping I’ll have SO MUCH time when we move to Asia), and there’s no way to bring them all together in one place (I used to use Feedly, but it kept breaking down and not notifying me of new posts) and keep track of them all.  There’s so many shit blogs out there now, I can’t even look at WordPress Reader, and I’ve made my thoughts clear about Bloglovin’.

This situation is such a fucking joke it’s untrue.  There’s just so many people who think they’re going to get noticed simply by writing a half-assed blog post, they’re drowning out all the good stuff.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, I can save you a BOATLOAD of time and effort.  Here’s a bunch of reasons not to start a blog:

  1. To make money. I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, and I maybe make $200 a month in a good month. It’s hard work, and I can’t put as much time into it as I would like this year, because I’m doing a master’s degree and writing erotica as well. For 18 months I put about 30-60 hours of work per week into coming up with new content, making and editing videos for this site, choosing things to try, researching all the science, writing and re-writing posts, and taking photos, and if I had been able to do that for the last 6 months, I’d maybe be making $250-300 per month. After 2 years. I generally don’t accept product placement or free products (there has been one exception to date, and I got the ebooks free because the author used one of my photos, I just decided to review them anyway), so I make a lot less than some people, but (aside from the bipolar and anxiety) I can sleep at night knowing I only write about things I want to write about. And 80% of bloggers don’t make any money doing this. It’s certainly not easy money.
  2. To “raise awareness” about something. Starting a blog doesn’t actually raise awareness about anything, you’re another drop in the ginormous ocean of all the websites that exist online, and no-one knows where to find your blog. If you want to raise awareness, you have to do something better than write about yourself online. Climb a mountain and blog about it. Raise $10,000 for charity and blog about how you did it. DO SOMETHING!!! Trust me, every month, about twenty new blogs pop up that are trying to “raise awareness” about bipolar, depression, anxiety and OCD. Generally they post six times (I can probably tell you the title of at least half of those posts), wonder why the Queen hasn’t come to visit with their Nobel prize yet, then they give up. So much for the positive thinking that they wanted to sell you. Mostly, they wanted to raise awareness of themselves, not any kind of illness or cause. If you want to raise awareness of yourself, apply to “America’s got talent.” Talent not necessary. Actually, these days, you have a second option: Run for president.
  3. To become famous. Drop, ocean, you, small fish. There are millions of blogs out there — WordPress powers 20% of the Internet.
  4. To sell Avon/Younique/Herbalife/other “not a pyramid scheme” pyramid selling schemes with a limited product range. People who start a blog for this reason tend not to do very well because they broadcast instead of having a dialogue with readers. WordPress isn’t a place for broadcasting your sales pitch. That shit belongs in the 80s with door-to-door salesmen. If you want to sell to people, you need to make damn sure you know what you’re talking about and then you need to talk to your potential customers like they’re actual people (because they are. Everyone is a person first, they are ALWAYS a person, until the day they die, and sometimes they’re also a customer), not like they’re some minions that will flock to your website. Fuck. That.
  5. Because you hate beauty but everyone always tells you how good you look so you thought you’d graciously share your godly knowledge of how to draw eyeliner around your face with us mere mortals. Gee thanks. Now piss off. If you hate beauty, don’t fucking write about beauty. Write about something you don’t hate and leave the beauty blog website names for people who are actually going to enjoy talking beauty. Same goes for hair. I can’t believe how many people do this! No-one wants to comment on shitty patronizing articles when they’re just copied from other people’s, anyway. Which is what the “I hate beauty” bloggers all seem to do. I’ve even seen them copying my stuff. I don’t care how pretty you think you are, if you hate beauty, it really shows.
  6. You are really fake and live your whole life faking things (because secretly you hate beauty but you want to make money). Ugh. Go die in a corner. Then see points 5 and 1, above.
  7. To get free stuff. If this is your only reason for blogging, you’re basically ripping off companies, not writing about their products very well and not increasing their sales. How long is that gravy train going to last for you? This happens in beauty, travel and lifestyle blogging, and it’s so obvious to anyone who reads blogs a lot. The only way to get free stuff constantly is if you regularly write a good blog about something you like and care about. Then apply for free stuff. And be picky about what you apply for. Free crap is still crap.

I mean, is it me, or are there just too many people like this in the blogosphere these days? Usually they last 2-6 posts then they never bother updating again because the universe never recognized their obvious talent for blogging.

The things I’ve just listed are all some potential side effects of writing a blog, not the reason to do it. They might not happen for you. In fact, they probably won’t. Sorry. Blogging should be to share your unique lived experience, your passion, your joy, your sorrows… something you fucking care about, good or bad. Otherwise, you’re just taking up bandwidth. All the best blogs are run by someone who cares about something so much or feels so strongly about something that they shared it with the Internet.

Does anyone else have any reasons they think people shouldn’t start blogs? I’m going to take my bitch hat off now.

the righteous banana of indignation
Behold!! The righteous banana of indignation. I don’t fucking know. I just made it up because I wanted a picture of something.

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7 thoughts on “Reasons not to start a blog”

  1. You’re right in your assessment on the overloaded blogosphere. I started mine years ago before it was really all the rage and I didn’t give the link to anyone but my two or three closest friends. I never set out to raise awareness, make money, or yell ‘look at me, I am so special’. It’s therapeutic and it’s nice to know others get what I am saying and feeling. I like reading other blogs that intrigue me and resonate with my experiences or open me to new experiences/thinking.

    What absolutely pisses me off are the “I’m a writer” types who have made themselves overly important with three sentence posts about their diets or worse, posting a link t o something else without even throwing in something personal. Regurgitating others’ material and writing that is as interesting as a technical manual…Those irk me.

    Good luck with everything on your plate, I wish you the best. (And that wine mask thing, keep me posted 😉 )

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    1. Thanks, I absolutely can’t complain about all the stressy stuff because it’s all stuff that a lot of people would kill for the opportunity to do (including me) (although I can complain about some other stuff that happened a couple of months ago, that I might even be ready to write about sometime soon because it was too awful at the time).

      I feel like, when I read your posts, the lived experience thing is definitely there, and the feeling passionately about stuff, even when you’re having a “meh” phase I feel like I’m there, you write so vividly. I have never got the impression that you were trying to raise awareness of yourself because you don’t come across as fake and I feel like you write the sort of blog that people SHOULD know about. I haven’t even *looked* at the bipolar tag on wordpress reader for about 8 months because it’s just 19 year olds going on about how they “overcame” mental illness with positive thinking and now they want to raise awareness, and it pisses me off because I am one of the most optimistic people in the universe when I’m not depressed, and I still spent 2 out of the last 3 weeks in bed crying when I didn’t have to go to appointments, and I missed a bunch of stuff I needed to do, too. If positive thinking cured bipolar (or ADHD or whatever the hell mental illness the psych thinks I have this month) I’d be SO done with it. And YES I hate those posts where it’s just a single pasted link to some other blog. WTF even is that?! Is it the same person’s blog? Is it a reblog? Is it something they liked? Fuck knows, because they never say anything about it. I really liked Blah’s linkdumps because she always used to say what each thing was and what she thought of it. Sorry, I’m so ranty today. I’ve been too depressed to say much for a while; getting a review or post online every week has been hard for months. And the next mask thingy will happen soon (although I’ll wait til after my PMS breakout has left again).

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! Blogging requires a lot of time and effort and it cannot guarantee one can earn some money. And yep, if they don’t have the passion for it, then it dies a natural death after 5 or 10 posts without likes, followers, comments or even private messages.

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    1. It’s true, and the thing that’s saddest is that someone else could have had that person’s blog name, because it’s so hard to find a good website name that’s not already taken!

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  3. I love this post and it definitely needs more attention! To me, blogging is a very personal hobby, which if brings you money – that’s amazing! But starting a blog just for the profit… hmm I’m not really into that!

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