I have bipolar (type II). I have written about this a lot, so much that I started a second blog when I was really struggling earlier this year, with life the universe and everything, and I’ve now integrated those posts onto Invoke Delight and closed down that second blog because I didn’t have a reason for a second blog, I had an organizational issue. I have continued to write about bipolar disorder on a sporadic basis. BE WARNED many of these posts are NSFW and more than a few come with a SWEAR WARNING and plenty of references to alternative sexual practises (the barbed wire buttplug of bipolar, anyone?). If such things offend you, look elsewhere for writings on bipolar, I called it as I saw it at the time and I stand by what I said when I said it.

How to get rid of stinky sweat stains caused by bipolar meds An article about getting rid of the sweat stains of death.
Infographic about bipolar disorder A simple infographic explaining bipolar disorder for people who don’t know what it is.
Psychotherapy: A reflective analysis I reflect on how helpful psychotherapy has been over the past few months, and my decision to change to psychoanalysis in the near future.
The Basketcase Diva a short piece relating an embarrassing moment in the local supermarket one brisk January morning.
I’ve got a job!! (it lasted 4 weeks, then I got pregnant, got struck down with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and went off sick for 2 months, and my notice period/sicknote ended in mid-January). Typical really.
Bipolar Resources a repost from May (unedited) from my blog merger, with loads of links of resources for other websites with information on bipolar disorder.
They Closed My Local Mental Home and Bipolar Pregnancy Questions. Answers on a postcard please! Or in the comments. I’m not fussy.
Bipolar Diagnosis: From Pillar To Post I express dissatisfaction with the length of time it took for the NHS to even remotely start to do anything (update Sep 2015 – 5 months later: They still haven’t. I had a meeting with them this week about the complaint I made 2 months ago about how crap they have been and they discharged me).
Acupuncture for Bipolar Part II a conclusion to my investigation into whether acupuncture can help bipolar or not.
Acupuncture for Bipolar Part I I begin investigating whether acupuncture works for bipolar.
How to declare homelessness in the UK People with Bipolar Disorder are at a higher risk of becoming homeless but this advice is for anyone who needs to know what to do in this awful situation. This is one of three articles I have written about homelessness.
Where to sleep if you’re homeless Need to sleep rough and got no options? This post explains a few ways you can keep yourself sheltered. Remember, warm and dry is your priority.
Checklist of things you may need to do if you’re made homeless.
Mood Stabilizer Problems, Part 1 because I had problems recently with my mood stabilizers.
How to Gloss Over Gaps in Your Work History The original and best, most popular work-related article from my other blog, discussing a number of scenarios from jail time to hospitalizations to sex work to alien hunting – here’s how to smooth it out for your next employer.  Originally posted 11th May 2015.
Planning Your Career For Bipolar What they never told you during those crappy “back to work” meetings with “careers advisers” (but it was really Tracey from Photocopying). This is how to get a handle on planning your career if you have bipolar disorder and are able to work, but not sure what job to get or how to design your career so you stop the cycle of not working/working/not working/working.  Originally posted 11th May 2015.
How To Get Hired This stuff is gold whether you’ve got a mental illness or not, peeps!  Originally posted 21st May 2015.
Should you disclose your mental health at interview? This post explores both sides of this debate, although I do pick a team for my line of argument because it’s impossible not to.  Originally posted 26th May 2015.
Be a Good Samaritan A thought provoking piece urging people to help others when they’re in a life threatening emergency. Originally posted 20th May 2015.

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